The 2017 season is here! You are:

  • Paul F Jensen

    This same poll has been here since February 14th. Last year we had a constant stream of polls for the members to interact with.   This year, this is all we get???

  • Chuck McAbee

    4 days until Runoff's registration opens

  • Cheryl Babbe

    Work is underway for the United States Road Rally Challenge here in Alaska over the September 15-17th! Do you have YOUR tickets purchased and your registration completed at msreg.com/usrrc2017?

    Will YOU be the one who runs Solo Nationals, USRRC, Club Racing RunOffs and the RallyCross Nationals? 

    Gotta run...we are off to do recon of the route, our Pre-Checker arrives June 1st! Come Join Us!

    Checkout the latest edition of Road Rally eNews here with further details on the USRRC and other SCCA RoadRally News today...

  • Allan Kintz

    I'm at the frantic stage... for sure. Heading to Thompson for a drivers school with NER on Thurs/Fri and it'll be the first time I'm on track with my car (aside from a couple autox events). I'm just hoping that I remember at least MOST of the major things that I will need. The to-do list is still long, things are still being shipping from Amazon, and I leave Thursday morning!