The 2017 season is here! You are:

Paul F Jensen

This same poll has been here since February 14th. Last year we had a constant stream of polls for the members to interact with.   This year, this is all we get???

Chuck McAbee

4 days until Runoff's registration opens

Cheryl Babbe

Work is underway for the United States Road Rally Challenge here in Alaska over the September 15-17th! Do you have YOUR tickets purchased and your registration completed at msreg.com/usrrc2017?

Will YOU be the one who runs Solo Nationals, USRRC, Club Racing RunOffs and the RallyCross Nationals? 

Gotta run...we are off to do recon of the route, our Pre-Checker arrives June 1st! Come Join Us!

Checkout the latest edition of Road Rally eNews here with further details on the USRRC and other SCCA RoadRally News today...

Allan Kintz

I'm at the frantic stage... for sure. Heading to Thompson for a drivers school with NER on Thurs/Fri and it'll be the first time I'm on track with my car (aside from a couple autox events). I'm just hoping that I remember at least MOST of the major things that I will need. The to-do list is still long, things are still being shipping from Amazon, and I leave Thursday morning!