The alternate timing lines will be used again in 2023 (See 2022 announcement here), whereby test and qualifying sessions will be timed officially from the South Tower timing line, after Turn 12 (Oak Tree). The Runoffs races will all be timed from the traditional timing line at the Start/Finish line on the front straight.

SCCA is working with industry experts Roger Caddell and Peter Krause to gather information about how to address this with your onboard timing/data systems, so that you receive the "official" times on your dash, and can analyze data within the various software programs from previous events, regardless of which timing line was used.

If you have an AIM system (now updated with systems managed with RS3 and RS2 software), you can see the process to update your system and data analysis in this document.

Additional information addressing other data systems will be posted as it becomes available.