The election period is from October 15–November 15 each year; ballots will be sent as closely as possible to the October 15 date required in our Bylaws to all members in good standing appearing on the membership list. If the Area has an unopposed nomination, only one ballot will be mailed. For additional information on the Board of Directors Election Procedures refer to our Operations Manual Section B.2.6 and the SCCA Bylaws Article IV. These documents can be found on the member's profile page in the file cabinet.

For questions or interest in the nomination process, please email Mary Hill or call 785-862-7137. 

2021 Board of Directors

Term(s) Served Area Director
* 2019–2021 Area 1 Bob Dowie
2017–2022 Area 2 Jack Burrows
2021–2023 Area 3 Lyn Hodges Watts
2021–2023 Area 4 Dayle Frame
2019–2021 Area 5 Peter Jankovskis
2017–2022 Area 6 Chris Albin
* 2013–2021 Area 7 Dan Helman
* 2019–2021 Area 8 Arnie Coleman
2021–2023 Area 9 Charlie Davis
2020–2022 Area 10 Charles Dobbs
2018–2023 Area 11 Jason Isley
2020–2022 Area 12 Steve Strickland
2019–2021 Area 13 Jeff Zurschmeide

* Final term is being served.
# Denotes Director was appointed to fill the term of a previously elected position. 

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2021 Officers

Chairman Peter Jankovskis
Vice Chairman Steve Strickland
Treasurer KJ Christopher
Secretary Arnie Coleman