Runoffs Driver/Prep Shop Report for Friday, September 2, 2022

“If you care about what you do and work hard at it, there isn’t anything you can’t do if you want to.” - Jim Henson

As we head into this Labor Day Weekend, we wish you rest and relaxation and gift you some Runoffs news!


Did you know? Hagerty is back for another year as the official sponsor of Runoffs Race Days! Hagerty's looking forward to joining us at VIR this year, and — bonus — they can provide affordable, Guaranteed Value coverage for your race car, trailer, parts and tools. Travel confidently knowing that you're covered, including in the paddock, in transit to or from the track, in storage, or at your race prep shop.

Log into your SCCA Member Benefits page and click on “insurance” to access a member quote link or call Hagerty at 877-922-9701.


Updated Supps & Schedule

The deadline for Race Director changes to the supplemental regulations and schedule has passed and revised versions are available on the Runoffs event page (


FP, GT1, GT2, GT3, GTL, STU, T2, T3 – Please check out the updated qualifying schedule, as there were changes to some of your sessions. These classes are included in the largest combined-class qualifying groups and will each now receive at least one session by themselves during the week. All sessions as noted on the schedule are 20 minutes.


Qualifying/Race Schedule


Supplemental Regulations


Paddock Spaces

As we send this, there are still a handful of paved spaces available in the main paddock. If you selected a grass or gravel space and wish to move, can make the change within the parking reservation system ( Drivers wishing to reserve an additional grass or gravel space (not paved) may request one by emailing


Dyno Services – Reserve your spot!

Torque Lab will be operating a mobile dyno from September 24 - October 2 for dyno testing (HP, TQ, AFR) offering tuning capabilities on select vehicle models. This DynoJet 224x is 2000hp capable and will be used as the Official Certifying dyno for the Runoffs. It can service both FWD and RWD vehicles. Call Kirk at (317) 268-8235 or email

Book online today using this link ( 

Select your time from the list of available calendar/time slots.  For rentals by the hour, simply select three-consecutive 20-minute blocks per hour needed. Please cancel within the calendar if a conflict arises.

  • 3 Pulls for $100 (Add 4% processing fee if paying by credit card.)
  • Dyno Rental (per 1 car) is $185 per hour (Add 4% processing fee if paying by credit card.)
  • Custom Tuning (HP Tuners, Holley, FAST) - call for pricing 

Order Those Tires!
The deadline for tire pre-orders is approaching.  Get your order in today.

Hoosier - Appalachian Race Tire: Make your tire reservation at or call (865) 681-6622. Deadline for tire reservations is September 9, 2022.

Goodyear Racing: Tire pre-orders can be requested via email, phone or by completing the online order form. 
      2022 SCCA Runoffs Pre-Order Form ( 
      Phone: (602) 437-4977

Hankook Motorsports:  Tire pre-orders can be requested via email, phone or by completing the online order form.
     Phone: (800) 287-5013; Ask for Nikki Martz
     Online Form:


If you or your crew does not have a SCCA Annual Waiver on file, please fill out this Speedwaiver.  Share with other members of your team that need to complete the event waiver.


Sign Up for Mobile Alerts *NEW SYSTEM*
Sign up to receive text messages during the event!  This will be our primary communication method throughout the event, so don’t miss a message and sign up today! This is a new provider for 2022, so if you were signed up in 2021 or earlier, you’ll need to sign up again. Choose a keyword group(s) from the list below and send {Keyword} i.e.Text “Bspec” or “FormulaA” to 833-345-2423.

To receive general event information messages, text RUNOFFS to 833-345-2423.

Keyword Groups:

  • Worker
  • ASedan
  • Bspec
  • EProd
  • F500
  • FormulaA
  • FormulaC
  • FE2
  • FormulaF
  • FProd
  • FormulaV
  • FormulaX
  • GT1
  • GT2
  • GT3
  • GTL
  • HProd
  • Protoype1
  • Protoype2
  • SpecMiata
  • SRF3
  • STL
  • STU
  • Touring1
  • Touring2
  • Touring3
  • Touring4

Link to Instructions:

Attention Pro Path Drivers
If you are qualifying for the Runoffs using the Pro Path, don’t forget you must purchase Majors Substitute Entries to complete your qualification process.  Substitute entries must be purchased by September 13, 2022.  Click for Instructions to Purchase Majors Substitute Entries.

Have a great weekend!

The Runoffs Team