Runoffs Driver/Prep Shop Report for Friday (evening), September 23, 2022

The opening day of Registration and Load-In is complete, and by most of the feedback we’ve received, it was a success! Huge thanks to our Registration and Paddock teams for all of the effort in making this as smooth as possible. Here is the news you need to know as we wrap this first Friday of the 2022 Runoffs…

Registration and Load-In Notes

As noted, the process today went pretty smoothly. Opportunities to expedite the check-in process at Registration include ensuring you have either an Annual Waiver or a SpeedWaiver executed for this week. If you don’t have an annual and haven’t done the SpeedWaiver, you can do SpeedWaiver here:  

If you have a pit vehicle, another way to expedite the process is to fill out the VIR Pit Vehicle Pass form in advance. There is no charge for the passes, but for insurance purposes, SCCA and the track need the info:

Finally, please have your valid membership card/license at Registration. If you don’t have your card with you, you may access it digitally on your phone by logging into and select “My Membership Card” beneath your picture.

Test Day Timing Line
Just a reminder that the test day and qualifying timing line and finish line is at the South Tower, exiting Turn 12 (Oak Tree). Once you get the checkered flag there, enter the main pit lane!

AIM has updated its document about how to deal with the two timing lines that we’ll use over the next week to address both current and legacy data systems. You can access that page here:

BFAC – Big Fun Acceleration Cone!

As discussed in the video and written driver’s meeting, we have a new race restart procedure! We have a big green cone on top of the pit wall shortly after pit in that notes the restart acceleration point. The cone is in place, so you can see it throughout testing and qualifying.

Runoffs Report Archive
An archive of previous Runoffs Reports is available in the Event Page menu under “Event Information” or directly here:

We’re so glad you’re here, or on your way soon!
The Runoffs Team