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Will there be a segment map available with live timing this weekend?
Voila! :)
YEAH! Thank you, Deanna!
Not very familiar with Sebring. Where is Camera 1 located?
Looks like it's the run to the hairpin/Turn 7. Right about where the segment/speed trap is on the scoring map.
That's what it looks like to me. Especially with that bridge in the background...probably the new "driveover" to Green Park. They just put the new span in place.
Thanks Eric & Larry! Good to have a reference point. Have only been there once.
Correct - right at the speed trap.
New subject, why is the schedule 2 classes behind printed schedule?
Is it me or is there no Live Audio on this page? "Grayed Out" for me.
I'm getting live.
Go Bryce!
Dammit. Bartell's transponder isn't working.
If Bartell posts his in car video, it'll be GREAT!!!
Good jobmacneil
good job macneil
Danny missed a 3-4 shift going into 17 yesterday
Just checking to see if this page is as technologically crippled for everyone else as it is for me: Scoring still shows SM finish, obviously there is only one s****y fixed faraway camera that is "there" but shows nothing... As the saying goes "Better than nothing but..."
Boys, I believe they're picking up Bryan Yates based on him dropping down the scoring list and his P2 car being dark blue and green... Are you guys there because I KNOW I'm sitting in a blizzard in VA
I discovered that I must refresh or reload the page to get the next race group to display
Thanks == I actually tried refreshes with no luck but then went to "all sessions" link and accessed the current race
"Probably" not going to see the full 14 laps under green? Try "obviously". Just hope they don't have to checker it early under yellow like yesterday.
Yeah, and for better or worse nice to see that incident management seems to be no better in 2019 than it has ever been. It's always seemed to me that competitors' (track) time sadly is consistently and cavalierly wasted
Guys! Very sad... Huge shuffle on the last lap in FF and you had no clue what happened? Tip 1: Monitor the flag net, which you do not appear to do... Wherever your position is, try rotating 360 degrees -- you'd be surprised what you might see. Finally, pay attention to every session you watch -- you'd be surprised how well you'll train yourselves at car, color scheme and number recognition
19 Sebring Scoring Module

Data Display Key:

Green, Yellow, Red or Black (Checker) background to header menu is current flag condition

Purple section at top: Best OA Time, Segments and Trap with car #

Each line represents - Current lap segments and speed trap

Hold/Select each car to expand for session historical lap data.

Green text - Personal Best

Purple text - Overall best

Green or Purple background - Personal or overall best was most recent sector or lap

Once first segment is complete, previous lap info disappears. For instance, if S1 and S2 are populated and S3 is blank, car is in S3.