You must be a current SCCA member to attend the Annual Meeting, Leadership Academy, and SCCA Hall of Fame. Contact the National SCCA Membership office if you have questions. You can join or renew here.

Pre-registration ends December 16. Afterwards, a non-negotiable late-registration fee of $60 will be applied to any registration. If you have any questions about convention registration email us at for the quickest response!


Adding À la carte options: as you fill out the registration form for yourself, select “add another registration” at the bottom instead of “continue registration”. It will bring you to a new registration form where you will need to select the registration type you'd like to add. Then fill out the form like you did for your first registration. It’s ok that you can’t enter your guests name for first and last name. once that’s filled out, select “continue registration” at the bottom and you will be brought to your cart where you should have two items. One for your registration and one for the À la carte option.

Group Registrations: We do no support one member registering multiple members from their own account. If you would like to register a group of four or more, please contact convention staff before registering online at