Date: January 17, 2019 to January 19, 2019
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2019 SCCA National Convention


The 2019 SCCA National Convention will be kicking off the year long celebration of the club's 75th anniversary with three days of engaging and educational presentations, fun social gatherings, the SCCA Annual Meeting, and the SCCA Hall of Fame. For additional convention information, click here.

Festivities will begin on Thursday, January 17th, 2019, and will run through Saturday, January 19th, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the South Point Hotel and Casino.

For all things convention like hotel information, session descriptions, FUN, visit the

National Convention information site


WHY Should You Attend?

  1. This is IMPORTANT! This is where it all begins, where voices are heard and decisions made. Be the first to hear the Club’s strategic objectives and goals for the coming year, and learn ways to forward the SCCA Mission, Vision, and Values
  2. Your REGION will benefit! Develop your leadership skills. Network with Leaders from across the country. Learn to identify and encourage talent and potential within your Region to build stronger leadership and a better future

  3. Your PROGRAMS will benefit! Develop your organization, marketing, and communication skills. Develop strategies and tools to market your Region, programs and events for your Members

  4. Your MEMBERS will benefit! Better  communication, understanding, and teamwork will build trust and a better Member experience, which means happier Members and positive word-of-mouth

  5. YOU will benefit! You are a Leader. You stepped up and said you want to make this a better Club. We want to help you do this, and to do that we need you here. While you’re here, have FUN with your fellow Members and Leaders!

Ways to Attend:

You must be a current SCCA member to attend the Annual Meeting, Leadership Academy, and SCCA Hall of Fame. Contact the National SCCA Membership office if you have questions. You can join or renew here.

Pre-registration ends December 16. Afterwards, a non-negotiable late-registration fee of $60 will be applied to any registration. If you have any questions about convention registration email us at for the quickest response!

The following options are available for pre-registered attendees:

Registration Levels

General Admission: $275

General Admission grants you entry to:

Welcome Party - includes substantial appetizers and cocktails
Leadership Academy - includes lunch Friday and Saturday
Hall of Fame Banquet - includes cocktail hour and meal

This includes:

-Convention Program
-SCCA badge lanyard

Founders Club: 

Founders Club attendees are supporters of the SCCA Foundation's work and want to show their enthusiasm through a $75 donation. Club Founders receive all the benefits as a General Admission, as well as the following gifts:

-Commemorative 75th SCCA Anniversary and SCCA Foundation coin
-SCCA Foundation t-shirt
-Commemorative drinking glass
-Founders Club badge
-Speedy registration check-in

Diamond Club:

Diamond Club attendees not only support the SCCA Foundation but enjoy their time at Convention and want to provide a little extra support to make the 75th anniversary Convention unforgettable! As a Diamond Club attendee you will receive all of the benefits of a General Admission as well as the following gifts and perks:

-Preferred seating at the Hall of Fame awards ceremony and some of our most popular events
-Access to the Diamond bar during the Hall of Fame cocktail hour and Welcome Party for shorter lines and quicker service
-Commemorative 75th SCCA Anniversary and SCCA Foundation coin
-SCCA Foundation t-shirt
-Commemorative drinking glass
-Diamond Club badge
-Speedy registration check-in


À la carte options: $Varies

If you are traveling with a guest who is not attending the convention we would still like to invite them to join us for the SCCA Hall of Fame Banquet and our hosted meals. These à la carte options may be added to your registration so they may join us.

Friday or Saturday Lunch: $35, $45-Late registration

Hall of Fame Banquet: $95, $125-Late registration


Vendors and Sponsors:

If you are interested in attending as a Vendor or Sponsor, please see our Vendors Page.

Attendee Assistance Programs

Ascender: $FREE

The Ascender Program is designed to help bring rising SCCA leaders to the National Convention. This program allows Regions to bring 1 Ascender for every 3 standard Convention attendees at no additional charge. Ascenders are defined as those who have taken on leadership roles early in their SCCA career, those who are slated to take over leadership positions in the coming years or individuals that a Region has identified as future leaders of our Club. For more information about the program, contact Rick Myers at

Region Pioneer:

The Region Pioneer Program is designed to help bring our less-heard-from Regions to the National Convention. Regions who have not sent a representative in the last three years may receive one free General Admission entry for a member of their choice. A Pioneer registration may count towards a Region's Ascender required entry count.

Deferred General Admission: $50 non-refundable deposit by December 16. Remaining $225 needed by January 5

We understand that priorities and demands shift during the holidays and that December 16 registration deadline might be hard to meet. We need to place our catering order a month ahead of time so an accurate headcount is a must. So if you really want to attend but just need a little more time to make a full payment we're offering the General Admission Deferred payment plan. Select 'Deferred General Admission' in the event registration when registering and you'll only have to pay a $50 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot at the SCCA National Convention. After that you'll then need to add the $225 Second Payment to your cart and checkout by January 5 to secure your spot at the convention. This option will not be available after December 16.

Group Registration:

If a group of four or more attendees would like to register together with a single payment, contact the convention staff at before registering online.