Date: April 13, 2018 to April 15, 2018
Address: 6178 Columbia St, Mineral Wells, TX, 76067

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  • Mineral Wells Airport
    6178 Columbia St
    Mineral Wells, TX 76067
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    Kenneth Brewer

    Where are the plaques that are supposed to go on our trophies?

    Robert Maple Bomer

    How do look up today's results 

    Andrea Albin

    All results are now posted.

    Bob Neff

    Not having an event schedule, or run/work order, or Supplementals posted prior to folks leaving for the event is absolutely unacceptable, and is a clear indication of lack of focus and management attention to the Solo program. There have always been situations requiring modifications of run/work order but that has never prevented a preliminary schedule, and I've never known a National event to not have a posted event schedule or Supplementary Rules posted well prior to the event. If this is the new "normal" for national events then I would posit that this program is in need of senior executive attention in Topeka.

    Brian Scott Harmer

    The event schedule for all National Solo events are published on each events website here on Additionally the schedule is also on the specific events registration page. Along with that any site or event specific restrictions or rules are also posted on each event registration page. 

    Clay Brubaker

    Are we going to See Run/Work order here?

    Andrea Albin

    In order to get the most up-to-date version and prevent revisions on the fly, run/work will be available at registration when you check in, but will not be posted prior to that.

    Ricky Crow

    Run/work order is *always* subject to change, and we realize that... But it is nice to at least have a little bit of an idea ahead of time like it has always been in the past... Just like it's a good idea to have the supps posted ahead of time, too, so we know if there's anything special about a given site we need to worry about prior to arrival.