Date: July 07, 2017 to July 09, 2017
Location: Rally Farm
Address: 11686 Elk Run Road, Catlett, VA, 20119

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  • Rally Farm
    11686 Elk Run Road
    Catlett, VA 20119
  • Comments
    Chang Ho Kim

    Is camping allowed on site?  What amenities are on site?

    Brian Battocchi

    Camping is allowed on site.  There will be porta pottys, but that's about it for amenities.  No electrical hookups or anything like that currently.  

    W. Orion Fairman

    Is there an official Hotel?  What are the nearby amenities?   I see on Google maps we have a Shell station 9.8mi away.


    Brian Battocchi

    I don't think there is an official hotel, but I'm not an official.  Midland Convenience Store is about 5 minutes at 4218 Midland Rd, Midland, VA 22728.  They make tasty breakfast sandwiches, lunch items, and have normal convenience store stuff.  For more than that, you will want to head into Bealeton where that Shell station is.  Bealeton has a fuel, grocery store, auto parts, restaurants, etc..  Hope that helps.