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Would someone please fix the turn one camera - over zoomed, can only view the pavement.....
Hope SCCA didn't pay anyone for this...
Nobody must be monitoring the chat.
...or the video.
Hey. Great plug from the announcers for the live T&S... with video!
Minus the video....
This is use your imagination coverage of the "traveling circus" from COTA....No video..WHY ?.. what a joke.
Someone reboot the camera now.
Video back
Sort of.
must be windy
I doubt that is the issue,
Good camera angle... needs to be restarted.
Like I said... hope no one is paying for this...
Sounds like a great battle up front.
Thanks to the announcers. Bummer about the video...
For those that don't know, Bill Collins was Rookie of the Year in the Trans Am in 1972. He drove a Javelin that was raced the previous year by Mark Donohue for Penske.
Another interesting fact...the #73 in T2 is actually a T1 car. It is running in T2, due to a typo in the GCR. As of next Friday, it is officially a T1 car.
That IS interesting.
T4 factoid...the Legend, Don Knowles, is undefeated in 2017. This will be 6 for 6!
Congrats to Don!!!! Way cool!!!!
Thanks for getting the camera back up and running.
what happened to the video feed?
No camera now.
Spoke too soon. No camera feed now. Please fix.
WTF, do we require president of communication to keep the camera functioning?
Hit refresh, there is another camera up now.
Hit refresh, there is another camera up now
It is too bad the "gap" figure does not update at the end of each segment, instead of only at S/F

Data Display Key:

Green, Yellow, Red or Black (Checker) background to header menu is current flag condition

Purple section at top: Best OA Time, Segments and Trap with car #

Each line represents - Current lap segments and speed trap

Hold/Select each car to expand for session historical lap data.

Green text - Personal Best

Purple text - Overall best

Green or Purple background - Personal or overall best was most recent sector or lap

Once first segment is complete, previous lap info disappears. For instance, if S1 and S2 are populated and S3 is blank, car is in S3.