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Stynes the man
Static yes but great second by second guys.
Did we lose the audio portion?
I can still hear. Actually it is much better. Zero static now for the time being.
Yeh, it came back but I still have static from up north....may be the computer.
Great work on commentary. If u r using FM mic then we have fade in/out. Maybe battery is low.
thanks SCCA for live coverage
good to hear the boys this morning.
wish I was to!
lost audio
Try refresh. We just got the Turn 17 camera working and had to refresh the webpage.
working now thanks...
fastest through speed trap was #15 Derek Ketchie of 134.608
need to add some clown cars here..
Mike, wife says that not really the south
Joelle (aka Minnie Mouse) - you guys are doing an awesome job, I love it! Just wanted to let you know, the SRF3's have been clocked at a top speed of over 150mph (135 was reported). As we know, every mph counts! Can't wait to hear more today!
Is it almost time for afternoon races?
Sound quality much better today
yes it is.....now remember, group 7....raymond and stephen BLETHEN very phonectic pronunciation. and yes, twins in twin cars.
Guys saying "that blue car" and "that RX-7" is really not good play by play!
just lost audio.....bucket loader went by in 17.....what happened?
Flinn Lazier wreck. Is he ok?
Flinn is a third Generation racer. Dad Buddy won Indy and grand dad Bob won scca national championship and ran Indy as well. Flinn podiumed at the Runoffs in FV last year.
Is flinn okay?
The announcers said he was standing next to his car.
Somebody needs to give one of the three announcers a radio so they know what's going on
Chi Ho finished 3rd in T4 yesterday, just to clear that up
Fantastic job guys. Thanks for the broadcast!!
thanks for the great broadcast.

Data Display Key:

Green, Yellow, Red or Black (Checker) background to header menu is current flag condition

Purple section at top: Best OA Time, Segments and Trap with car #

Top line of data per car - Current lap segments and speed trap

Bottom line of data per car - Best segments per car

Green text - Personal Best

Purple text - Overall best

Green or Purple background - Personal or overall best was most recent sector or lap

Once first segment is complete, previous lap info disappears. For instance, if S1 and S2 are populated and S3 is blank, car is in S3.