Date: May 13, 2016 to May 15, 2016
Address: 151 Speedway Blvd, Bristol, TN, 37620

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Event Registration will open up on March 30 at 3pm central.
The entry cap for this event is 200- This cap does not include Formula Junior drivers.
Entry fee for this event is $80 for adults and $60 for Junior classes. 

Camping is NOT allowed on this site

Track Laps
Track Laps on Bristol Motor Speedway will be available on Saturday from 4pm-6pm. There needs to be at least 40 cars signed up to hold this. Please email Jeff Cox @ for more information.

Event Schedule

7 am              Site Opens
7:30 am         Tech Inspection & Check-In for Starting Line Students
7:50 am         Starting Line Drivers Meeting
8:05 am         Starting Line Morning Session
9 am              EVO Advantage Students meet at Test n Tune Course
9:15 am         EVO Advantage Drivers Meeting (ALL Students must report)
9:30 - 12 pm EVO Advantage Instruction
12 pm            EVO Advantage Wrap-Up
12 pm            Starting Line Lunch Break
12:30-4 pm   Event Test n Tune w/ Starting Line Priority Line
4:15 pm        Starting Line Wrap-Up
3-7pm*          Event Check-In & Tech Inspection*
5-7pm           Course Open for Walking
7:10 pm        Chiefs Meeting

*No new entries after 7 pm

6:30 am           Site Opens
6:45-7:30am   Check-In & Tech Inspection for pre-register entrants only
8 am                Course closed for walking
8 am                Novice meeting at Start Line
8:10 am          Heat 1 to Grid, Worker Check-In
8:30-5pm*      Session 1 & 2 Competition
5:30pm*          Awards Party- Class Competition trophies
5:30-7:30pm*  Course open for walking

* Approximate

6:30 am            Site Opens
7:25 am            Course closed for walking
7:45 am            Heat 1 to Grid, Worker Check-In
8 am                 Session 3 begins
12:30pm*         Session 4- Challenge Competition


All registrations that need to cancel by Monday prior to the event need to provide a note in writing to Brian Harmer ( and will receive a partial refund.

  • Bristol Motor Speedway
    151 Speedway Blvd
    Bristol, TN 37620
  • Comments
    Doug Francis

    I just spoke with Bristol Motor Speed way and they have very little information about our event. I am sure there will be others that show up looking to be in the right place but also not be in the way. It would be great if someone could speak to Mr. Cross and arrange a place that those of us with big tow rigs and Motorhomes can be where we need to be so we don't try to set up in the wrong location for the weekend.

    Paul Breitweiser

    When the site open Friday people at the gate  will direct you the location for motorhomes and tow rigs.

    Eric D. Stahl

    What lot are we in? West side off of Katelyn Dr?

    Wesley Herron

    Anyone know if there's any sort of food vending available on site?

    Paul Breitweiser

    Nothing definate but everytime we have a points event there a food truck shows up.

    Dean Rindler

    How do you register for the Friday afternoon Test-N-Tune?

    Paul Breitweiser

    No need to register tickets will be sold on Friday morning $5 each or 3 for $10. The course should be open from 12 noon until 4PM approx times.

    Cindy L Duncan

    Most events, you just buy tickets there on site and get "in line".  Usually a grid of lines.  Each ticket gets you a run and they are purchased per run that day. 

    Cindy L Duncan

    Is there a way to change class if you are already registered?

    Paul Breitweiser

    Cindy...I sent email to Brian on this as I've traded in my Camaro and no longer in FS. I'm thinking this will be done when we check in to the trailer.

    Paul Breitweiser

    I contacted Brian Harmer he wants to make all the changes before the event. he going to make the change FS to CS for me.....FYI

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