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Waiting for event to start.

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Camera 1 is down or is it that dark and raining now?
What happened to anouncer audio?
Cam 1?
Here comes the rain.
Is that rain I'm starting to see?
it might not be too bad, it looks like the big spots go north and south of the track. we'll see.
camera 1 is back
No rain yet. But the wind is blowin' hard.
Where is the audio?
No audio today. Having software issue.
Wow such a big event to not have audio :(
Big bore on a damp but drying track, should be fun.
Wow a RED flag
His one going to restart?
what is going on?
youd think without audio someone would be telling us
Sounds like they just restarted motors on pit lane
I think someone blew up and they have a lot of clean up. Probably easier to do it with so many cars in pits instead of on track. Also, supps say Sunday race is 23 laps or 35 mins, whichever comes first. Hope they get some good racing in...
There is only 5 mins left, won't be any good racing. Black flag would have stopped clock but they didn't do that, red flag time clicking.
So is this a restart?
Tim - actually supps state Red flag is only time clock will stop, black flag would not have stop it.
Good news!
Nice job giving these guys and gals a race after they didn't get much yesterday. Also, way to go volunteers, they are really pulling some long hours this weekend.
Prill DNS??????
Correct. Prill didn't head out this afternoon.
Did Formula Mazda race today?
Group 9 has been broken in two. FM is part of that second group.
Cam 1 stopped streaming