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Waiting for event to start.

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I tried that here to but the volume is a lot lower than my computer speakers, they blast me out if I have you at full volume
It's still low Jim
And intermittent
Is the audio down? Was working before.
Kicking the computer now. That's the last hope for a fix.
Bigger Hammer Jim
Still the same Jim
Not sure there is anything else that can be done about the sound at the moment.
Thats ok but the on line timing is stuck or slow
There it goes
Guess we will have to read the session notes
Audio still down?
Is there anywhere else that has a broadcast?
Not that i'm a wear of, have to read the session notes the timing is a little behind
There are trying to fix it
Its in pretty bad shape this time, but there doing the best they can
SRF's on pace lap.
Session notes wont even load
shame on the audio because the announce team is pretty good.
Is there any audio?
Sorry, nothing we can do on the audio. Unidentified gremlin somewhere.
what happened to Alex Mayer?
Morning from VIR! About to go green with second day of Spec Miata race!
Looks like Kicera is going pretty good with his new Kessler motor
Good Morning from Los Gatos California
Timing is 1 lap behind
audio cutting out again. Having to refresh browser. Very frustrating.
Kyle will the car be ready for summit point in two weeks???