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WOW....close finish !
What happened ? Lost Video & Audio !
It looks like the batteries have died in the streaming set up - Grid won't let me get to the case on the front straight during a session, so I will fix it after this race.
just go out there, the'll miss you, lol
Great job on the race call!
What about 5,6,7?
It's working
OK....Video & audio back on !
Why the Red flag ?
Thanks for the update, Reece !
that group was a bit of a mess! if i remember correctly, last year was same? the open wheelers just seem to not like this track
Really impressed by the timing, audio, video and session notes. This really assists the membership in staying connected. Great Job Reese!
OMG -- Reece.
We appreciate everyone following along, too! We're still trying to learn to use these new tools, but figuring them all out. Thank you!
I have a thought, that green bar at the, maybe you make it into a checkered bar for the end of the race
Just great real time reporting. Thanks!
gone need some headlines soon
What happened to Steven Davis?
Having grown up about 1 hour from Sebring, I'm here to tell you, that is a rain storm getting ready to unload.
I take it back. The screen was too small. Sorry.
Someone needs to check the metrics for the live timing module. During Group 2 race it highlighted the P1 car's time in purple indicating best time when drivers in P4 and P5 had posted faster lap times.
See screen print - carbonell has fastest lap time currently http://cdn.growassets.net/user_files/scca/user_images/002/000/742/xlarge.png?1453046788
video and updates down?
Great live session notes, Reece!Video has returned.
IIRC, Todd Lamb had fastest lap on 12th one a 36.486 - Andrew Carbonnell did his fastest on 14th lap @ 36.913 - Todd was purple at that time before checkers.