Atlanta Region Hosts Time Trials and First Regional Race at AMP With Strong Radical Participation

It was sunny and hot, but there was no better way to spend the June 15-16, 2023, Father’s Day weekend than at Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) in Dawsonville, GA, where SCCA’s Atlanta Region hosted its first Regional wheel-to-wheel road race at the impressive facility.

AMP is a private circuit in the heart of the North Georgia foothills. A scenic, rolling, and challenging venue, the Tilke designers built some unrivaled elevation changes into the 1.83-mile layout, which 32 Time Trials drivers and 59 SCCA racers came out to experience.

Beyond that, it was like the facility was built to attract Radical race cars, as nine of them – spread over four classes – competed during the weekend.

Radicals have long been welcome to compete in several SCCA Road Racing classes, but earlier this year, the sports racers were given their own Regional race classes. This allowed Radicals – spec, factory-built race cars – to compete against each other the way the manufacturer intended.

The SR10 of James Long won the two races in the GTX class and Raiden Nicol won both P2 races. What’s most impressive, though, is the recently announced SR1 and SR3 Regional racing classes attracted seven cars.

Tyler Edwards took both race wins in SR1, with David Mason claiming the top spot in the SR3 class.

“This is such a fun place, very challenging, and driving a car with downforce, like these Radicals, is an absolute rush at AMP,” said Ryan Nicol, CEO of Primal Racing, a Radical Motorsports dealer. “We believe the SCCA will start to see a lot more [Radicals] coming out to race.”

This first event for Atlanta Region at AMP also went well. “Working with AMP has been fantastic,” said Atlanta Region Chief Steward Rick Mitchell, adding, “They are gracious hosts, and it’s truly a world-class facility. Our participants absolutely enjoyed the experience. We hope to be back next year.”

The new Regional Radical rulesets can be found in this Racing Memo.