The Most Unbelievable RallyCross News Report You’ll Ever See, Plus More SCCA Regions Make the News

What most people know as just another Saturday and Sunday, SCCA® members know as a thrilling weekend of motorsports competition. Because it’s in our blood, it’s easy to forget that what we do is actually quite exceptional – sometimes, it takes the local news to show up to a Regional event for us to realize that.

In the last few weeks, several Regions of the SCCA attracted the news. Of them, one sent a reporter to a Louisiana autocross, a HillClimb in Kentucky was reported on, and in Montana – well, this is RallyCross® coverage you have to see to believe.

Cajun Autocross

When Kyndall Jones from KNOE News headed to the Hamilton Expo Center in West Monroe, LA, on April 21, 2024, she had the opportunity to watch a Red River Region autocross and speak to enthusiastic Club members.

“If you want to drive a performance car fast, then you have two options – you can do it legally or you can go to jail,” said Red River Region member Otis McCrery. “And aside from the legality standpoint, going out to a real event where you’re constantly at the limit of a lot different from driving spirited on the street.”

Jones also spoke to event safety steward John Liberman, who explained that autocross is the place for everyone to have fun. “Come out here and autocross under our controlled conditions – they can satisfy a lot of that need for speed, legally,” he said.

Watch the news report by clicking here.

HillClimbing Appalachia

WYMT sent its reporter to Pineville, KY, where East Tennessee Region (with support from Blue Ridge Region and Central Carolinas Region) hosted the Pine Mountain HillClimb on April 19-21, 2024, in association with the Backroads of Appalachia.

This event not only brings SCCA members to winding roads, it also brings money to the local community, as Backroads of Appalachia Executive Director Erik Hubbard explained on camera.

“We have been able to generate almost $10 million in the past four years for economic development for Bell County utilizing Pine Mountain State Park Resort and this road to be able to bring in major organizations to do HillClimb racing on,” Hubbard explained.

Coverage on WYMT aired twice, and can be viewed here.

RallyCross Coverage That’s...Awesome

This coverage by Montana's KTVQ News from an April 14, 2024, RallyCross hosted by SCCA’s Yellowstone Region is next level stuff that words cannot describe – which is ironic, because it’s the words in the coverage that make this news story utterly amazing.

“Desert. Mad place for faces of sand and stone.” That’s right – that’s the opening line in the news video. And it gets more awesome from there.

After interviewing a few event participants, the voiceover returns: “RallyCross, automotive skeletons and their insane jockeys all hopped up on the excitement of physics and dust, chase what’s inches away.”

Yes, you read that right. And it gets better. But there’s no point in describing it – this is something you need to watch for yourself, which you can do by clicking here.