Four Reasons Why the St. Louis Autocross Challenge Is for You

There’s only one thing in The Lou that’s more inspiring than the Gateway Arch, pumps you with more adrenaline than Six Flags St. Louis, and packs more surprises than St. Louis Union Station, and that’s the Tire Rack SCCA St. Louis CAM Autocross Challenge. The May 3-5, 2024, autocross at St. Charles Family Arena is a stone’s throw from the Gateway Arch, Six Flags, and Union Station – and it’s also the reason you’ll want to bypass those tourist traps and have a REAL weekend of fun.

While the autocross event officially holds the designation of “CAM Challenge,” the event is so much more. Every autocross class is welcome, and it’s more than the CAM classes that experience Challenge competition on the Sunday.

It’s also an event you shouldn’t miss, and that’s because there are...

Expanded Challenges!

These events have traditionally been named the CAM Challenge and, technically, they still hold that designation. But just like St. Louis’s most recognized nickname of the “Gateway to the West” not fully representing the modern awesomeness of the city, the May 3-5 Challenge weekend offers so much more.

The Challenge competition that takes place on Sunday afternoon will include CAM and also Xtreme Street and the newly minted Club Spec classes. That’s more action, more fun, and more chances at hitting cones – and, as we all know, hitting cones is what SCCA Autocross is all about.

But if you’re not driving a CAM, Xtreme Street, or Club Spec car, you’re not invited to the event, right? Wrong, because…

Everyone’s Welcome!

The Challenge competition welcomes CAM, Xtreme Street, and Club Spec, but Saturday and Sunday competition welcomes everybody!

That’s right, regardless of the class you want to compete in, there’s a spot for you. Registration opened on March 15, and already there’s a slew of drivers signed up for Street, Street Touring™, Street Prepared, and more. And – believe it or not – your registration fee is LESS THAN it is for CAM, Xtreme Street, and Club Spec competitors. In fact, this two-day event is…

Downright Affordable!

Registration for CAM, Xtreme Street, and Club Spec drivers is just $125. That’s two days of competition and Challenge action on Sunday for little more than a Benjamin. But get this: Those who are entering classes that aren’t eligible for Sunday’s Challenge pay a fraction of the price. Non-Challenge classes have an entry fee of just $45, and for that, they get at least five runs on Saturday and three on Sunday. But there’s a catch: You need to stick around for the Challenges.

Regardless of class, the event features a traditional work-run schedule, but on Sunday afternoon, the “Challenge Worker Index Class” drivers (ie: non-Challenge classes) are the ones shagging cones while CAM, Xtreme Street, and Club Spec take to the course.

Put another way: Challenge Worker Index Class drivers get to autocross for $45 for two days, then they take in the incredible Challenge competition from an equally incredible vantage point.

Registration costs go up for those signing up on site, so to get the best deal, you’ll want to sign up before online registration closes on April 30, 2024, at 3 p.m. CT.

But wait, there’s…

One More Reason to Go!

The Starting Line Driver’s Edge is taking place during the same weekend, and it’s completely free! Don’t know what the Starting Line Driver’s Edge is? You do now!

So forget the Gateway Arch and everything else the tourism board tells you St. Louis is famous for and sign up for the 2024 Tire Rack SCCA St. Louis CAM Autocross Challenge at St. Charles Family Arena today.

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Photo by Hilary Anderson