More Runs, Less Money: '24 RallyCross Nats to Buck the System. Plus, UTV News!

The RallyCross National Championship is kind of the ultimate when it comes to what people want in an SCCA® National Championship event. It’s great people attacking multiple courses, getting lots of runs, and paying an affordable price for the fun. When it comes to #funwithcars, RallyCross Nats offers an undeniable bang for the buck.

Except, it’s about to get better.

This year’s RallyCross National Championship, held Oct. 18-20, 2024, at Hollytree Off Road Park in the mountains of Hollytree, AL, will boast not two days of competition, but three. This year, drivers will take runs on FOUR different courses over those THREE days, with Friday now including the first course competition instead of just class inspection. It’s more runs, more fun, and more time in the dirt – a winning trifecta.

How much is that extra day of fun going to cost?

Here’s where things get really dirty: This year’s registration fee has been REDUCED from last year, saving everyone $20 over the 2023 entry fee. The full registration will be only $250 for the 2024 running of the event.

That’s right – this year features more runs and more time with your friends for less money.

“This year’s RallyCross National Championship is going to be fresh in every sense of the program,” Rick Myers, SCCA’s Director of Rally/Solo®, said. “It’s a great new location, there are more runs, and it’s more affordable. Add to that the fact that depending on member feedback, UTV’s may make their first appearance at RallyCross Nats, and this is certainly a can’t-miss event.”

About That UTV category...

The RallyCross Board has proposed a new ruleset to include traditional mass-produced UTVs in two classes: Max and Sport. The proposed rules have been posted and are available for member feedback through a town hall meeting at 7 p.m. CT on Tuesday, March 26. It’s a fun new addition for the RallyCross program that should open up the program to the popular rides that were literally made for playing in the dirt.

Information on the UTV town hall and the new ruleset can be found here.

Don’t Miss RallyCross Nats

In the meantime, make your plans to visit Hollytree, AL, on Oct. 18-20 for the RallyCross National Championship. We’re betting it’s the first time most of you will have vacationed there, and you won’t be disappointed.

Add in the fact that you’ll get an extra day of runs and you’ll have a bonus $20 in your pocket to grab some lunch – because unlike RallyCross Nationals, most things are not getting less expensive these days.

Photo by Andie Albin