Hagerty: Videos That Are Fun For Days

Each month, we highlight content from Hagerty.com/media. More often than not, we present you with fascinating technical features Hagerty’s editors recently produced, adding notes as to how that story applies to your SCCA® life. But with right now being as “off season” as the SCCA gets, we went one backslash further on Hagerty’s website, landing on the company’s video content. And, well, there went our weekend.

Hagerty produces video series that are as high in entertainment as they are in quality. From Stay Tuned to Will It Run?, Redline Rebuild, Barn Find Hunter, and more, each show keeps you clicking for more.

One show that never fails to impress is Cammisa’s Ultimate Drag Race Replay. Road racing is more our schtick, but pitting one car against another in a straight line is an American tradition. And another thing that keeps us coming back to this show is Randy Pobst.

That’s right – two-time National Championship Runoffs® winner, three-time Solo® National champion, four-time ProSolo® champ, and multi-time pro racing champ and race winner Randy Pobst offers his driving expertise and input in many of these episodes, so even if this is a drag race, SCCA’s influence is present through Pobst’s always amusing presentation.

If this is the first time you’ve heard that Hagerty produces video content, then clear your calendar, grab a beverage, and tuck in, because you’re about to wonder where the hours went.

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Photo courtesy Hagerty