’24 Time Trials National Tour: Previewing the Vegas Season Opener

SCCA’s Tire Rack Time Trials National Tour Powered by Hagerty (TTNT) kicks off 2024 on Feb. 17-18 with a can’t-miss Sin City season start at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS). Las Vegas, NV, might be built on gambling, but there’s no chance you’ll lose at this TTNT.

This will be TTNT’s first-ever visit to LVMS, but the SCCA® Las Vegas Region has tons of experience at the venue and will be helping host the event. The weekend will be familiar to any TTNT-goer, with cool cars, hot laps, and great times over two days – with the backdrop of Vegas guaranteed to energize.

On-site camping at LVMS is not only available, it’s recommended. Camping gives participants the chance to take in scenic sunrises over mountains east of the paddock and enjoy shimmering night views of Vegas. Plus, LVMS is at the edge of Nellis Air Force Base runways, so it’s not uncommon to spot powerful flying machines in the skies above.

Along with TTNT, a Track Event will take place both days at LVMS – giving those who simply want to enjoy driving their car on track a crack at the circuit. However, there is an entry cap for both TTNT and Track Event activities. So don’t dally – get registered today by clicking the button below.

This isn't merely an event; it's an invitation to be part of heart-pounding, pulse-racing good times.

Vegas TTNT Registration

LVMS’ Outside Road Course

No, the TTNT and Track Event won’t be running the banked oval at LVMS. Instead, the venue’s Outside Road Course – meaning it’s found just “outside” the well-known oval – will be the playing field for the weekend.

That road course runs clockwise for 2.4 miles and has 12 challenging turns. The layout also features concrete curbing, an asphalt surface, and more than ample runoff room for drivers testing the limits of their machines.

A database of lap times for tracks visited by TTNT over the years can be found at the Track Records and Personal Bests webpage, but being that this is TTNT’s first trip to LVMS, odds are excellent that new lap records will be set over the Vegas weekend. Will you lay claim to one of them?

Scope a lap of LVMS’ Outside Road Course thanks to the in-car video below.

Vegas Action Plan

There’ll be more than enough track time for those taking part in TTNT and Track Event activities at LVMS.

On Saturday, Feb. 17, the morning will consist of two 20-minute practice sessions for all TTNT run groups, as well as two 20-minute sessions for Track Event drivers. After lunch, TTNT drivers will get two 20-minute TrackAttack sessions, and Track Event drivers get two more 20-minute runs on course. That evening, everyone’s invited to Saturday’s free Hagerty Social Dinner Party featuring food, bench racing, and revelry.

For Track Event drivers, another 80 minutes of track time is spread over four sessions on Sunday. TTNT drivers will also have four 20-minute sessions on Sunday. Results will then be added together from TrackAttack sessions one, two, and three to decide class winners, which will be announced during the KONI Podium Celebration at day’s end.

Check out the entire TTNT Vegas event schedule by clicking the button below.

TTNT Vegas Schedule

Photo by Jon Krolewicz / Staff