Breaking News: Time Trials Nat Tour and Track Event Book Road America

Have you ever wondered what happens when the inmates run the asylum? Assuming that asylum is the Tire Rack SCCA® Time Trials National Tour Powered by Hagerty and the Track Events that run alongside it, they’d book track time at Road America and head to Wisconsin for an insanely fun weekend.

And that’s exactly what we just did.

Once we realized that nobody was going to stop us, we broke out the company credit card and booked the track for April 13-14, 2024, making this not only an additional event to the already-announced 2024 Time Trials National Tour schedule, but also the first time the Time Trials National Tour and its Track Event companion will have ever put a tire on the famed (and recently resurfaced) 4.048-mile, 14-turn circuit located just outside of Elkhart Lake, WI.

We’d be lying if we said we accomplished this alone. Indianapolis Region was the devil on the shoulder pushing for a 2024 TTNT weekend like no other, and with the help of Milwaukee and Chicago Regions, it’s actually come together.

“This April 13-14 Time Trials National Tour and Track Event weekend will be spectacular,” said John Hunter, SCCA’s Manager of National Time Trials. “For the first time, Time Trials National Tour drivers will have the opportunity to tackle Road America, one of the best, most challenging, and scenic racetracks in North America. And alongside this, we’ll also be welcoming Track Event drivers looking for track time without the pressure of a clock.”

It’s also notable that the 2024 SCCA National Championship Runoffs – SCCA’s annual winner-take-all road racing event – will take place at Road America in the fall of 2024, making this an amazing opportunity for SCCA Road Racers looking for additional track time.

“Time Trials National Tour car classing rules are very open, allowing everything except for Formula and Prototype SCCA Road Racing cars to compete as-is in the Unlimited class,” Hunter added. “Got a Touring 2 car? Bring it! Race in GT? We’d love to see you! Need extra seat time in your Spec Miata? We’ll greet you at registration with a smile!”

Since the TTNT has never been to Road America, new track records will be set. And considering we don’t know when (or even if) the TTNT will return to Road America, this is a must-attend event because it might turn out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Excited? Us too!

Road America TTNT and Track Event registration will be available soon on the 2024 Time Trials National Tour Schedule webpage. 

Photo by Tradd Slayton