RoadRallies To Keep You Hoppin’ in 2024

The New Year’s here, and so are a bundle of can’t-miss SCCA® RoadRallies. In the next two months, you can fill your calendar with five National/Divisional RoadRallies that’ll keep you on your toes. And no, these events aren’t taking place in sunny California or Florida, so expect the challenges to extend beyond the RoadRally’s General Instructions.

The first event of note is right around the corner, taking place on Jan. 13. The Son of Sno*Drift Divisional Tour Rally will be hosted by Detroit Region in South Lyon, MI, located 40 minutes outside Detroit. This is far from the event’s first go-round and is expected to mix challenging roads, conditions, and instructions to make it an event worthy of your time.

Two weekends later comes the Yucatan Winter Safari National Tour Rally, hosted by Land O’Lakes Region in Winona, MN, on Jan. 27. Nestled on the Mississippi River and pressed against the Wisconsin border, Winona is a two-hour drive southeast of Minneapolis that’s well worth the journey.

Stick around for a day and you’ll double your fun with the Jan. 28 Grumpy Old Man Navigational Scatter Divisional GTA Rally, also hosted by Land O’Lakes, and also in Winona. This is a two-fer that’s well worth the journey.

Near Cleveland is the scene of the fourth Divisional/National SCCA RoadRally of 2024 – this one’s the Neohio Region’s Ohio Winter Divisional Tour Rally in Solon, OH, which is followed by the fifth event in two months: the Michigan Winder Rally Divisional Tour Rally, hosted by Detroit Region in Clare, MI, located just about dead center in the Wolverine State.

Those Divisional/National RoadRally events kick off the season, but keep your eye out for Milwaukee Region leading a mid-season charge in May and June with three Divisional/National RoadRallies that take place over the span of five weeks. But more on that later.

To learn about any of these upcoming Divisional/National RoadRallies, click the Region links in the story or follow this link and click on the RoadRally Event Calendar.

Photo by Scott Harvey