Five Reasons to Attend: 2024 SCCA National Convention

The virtual SCCA National Convention, taking place online Jan. 18-26, 2024, is something you can’t afford to miss – not only because it’s free (who doesn’t like free?), but because the info that’ll be crammed into your brain will prove invaluable as you build a stronger Region and Club.

Need more convincing? We’ve got five compelling reasons to go.

But the first step in the process is clicking the red button below to register. Chances are excellent that you already know many Club members who’ll be attending, so come and join the cool kids.

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1. It’s Free and Easy

Yes, we’ve said this already, but it’s true: The SCCA National Convention is completely free to attend. But did you know it’s also super easy to attend as well? It’s so easy, in fact, that you can do it on your phone, since the SCCA National Convention takes place online and can be viewed on nearly any web-connected device.

If you’re on a phone or tablet, it’s extra super-duper easy to attend all National Convention sessions, as the whole kit and caboodle goes through the Whova app (which can be downloaded here). If you’re on a computer, you’ll be able to log in through any web browser via Whova.

The SCCA National Convention couldn’t be freer or easier than that!

2. Celebrate With Us

The SCCA National Convention kicks off with a duo of amazing opening days on Jan. 18-19, with the Annual Meeting, Road Racing Awards, and the Hall of Fame & Awards Presentation ceremony. And you’re invited!

The Club’s Annual Meeting has taken place every year since the inception of the SCCA. The Club’s formal formation was Feb. 26, 1944 – the first Annual Meeting took place 10 months later on Dec. 16. This year’s Annual Meeting jumps into action on Jan. 18 at 6:30 p.m. CT – here, you’ll discover how the Club fared during the previous year.

SCCA has presented Road Racing awards for decades, with the first President’s Cup and Kimberly Cup being presented for the 1954 competition year. Find out who won those (and more) SCCA Road Racing awards for 2023 on Jan. 18 at 8 p.m. CT.

The SCCA Hall of Fame has been presented every year since 2005, with that first class including Club greats Cameron Argetsinger, Vern Jacques, A. Tracy Bird, Bill Milliken, John Fitch, Sue Roethel, Arthur Gervais, Art Trier, Harry Handley, and Rob Walker. This year, the SCCA will induct five more worthy members on Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. CT. Read all about this year’s inductees here.

Awards for Regions, Solo, RallyCross, RoadRally, and more will be presented over the Jan. 20-21 weekend, so come and support your fellow members!

3. Invaluable Knowledge

The SCCA National Convention isn’t random conversation. Rather, you’ll learn more than you ever knew existed about the Club – and not just surface-level info, either. There are roughly 70 sessions planned, with just about every one of them diving into the nitty gritty on topics you want to know all about.

We highlighted many of those sessions not too long ago, and we recommend you give that story a gander.

We know you’ll attend the sessions that directly affect you, but we highly recommend spreading your wings during the Convention to learn something new. There are sessions on insurance/risk management, best practices for incident reporting, sanction and insurance, and more.

If you’ve ever had questions about how the Club operates, the SCCA National Convention is a one-stop shop.

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4. Take the Mic

One of the best features of the SCCA National Convention being virtual is the ease with which questions can be asked. In most sessions, asking a question is as simple as dropping a note in the online chat; in other sessions, you can unmute and take center stage with your quandary.

Whether you’re leading the extroverted charge by voicing up with your camera turned on or you’re more comfortable clicking on the keyboard, the virtual SCCA National Convention offers easy access to the answers you need.

5. It’s Free!

We mentioned this already, but it’s worth the throwback: It’s free! That means even if there’s only one session you want to attend, sign up now, because the SCCA National Convention is about to begin.

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Photo by Alexandra Koch