Club Spec Mustang Tire Package Announced, Plus More

Club Spec news has been dominating the airwaves – and we’re just warming up. We’ve already revealed that the two cars kicking off the Club Spec concept are the 2006-’15 Mazda MX-5 and the 2005-’09 Ford Mustang GT, as well as showed you a preliminary ruleset for the build allowances. That, along with a conversation that was had on GRM Live!, led to questions from those looking to build one of these two cars – also, the passage of time has allowed us to research and update a few more specs.

One of the questions we received about Club Spec was: Can I use my convertible S197 Mustang in Club Spec? Our answer: Please do! Look for an update to the Club Spec Mustang (CSM) vehicle requirements, removing the word “Coupe,” meaning both the coupe and convertible will be allowed. A more frequently asked question: Can I remove the soft top when I install safety equipment in a Club Spec MX-5 (CSX)? Right now, the rules say you cannot, but we are aware that this is a popular modification, and we’re working on the right way to approach it (and thanks to the first question we listed, we’re also tackling this topic for the convertible Mustang). Our hope is to have another update shortly after the holiday.

In our original preliminary ruleset, we noted that the MX-5 would compete on Falken tires, but the tire brand was left blank for the Mustang. Now, we’re pleased to announce the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3 will be the Club Spec Mustang GT tire of choice, size 275/40-18. The Eagle F1 Supercar 3 is a 220 UTQG tire that has proven itself a solid performer on the street, track, and autocross course, making it an ideal selection for Club Spec.

Also on the Club Spec Mustang front, those looking to maximize their CSM build should be aware that SCT Tuning is working on a tune for the S197 specifically for Club Spec builds. You aren’t required to run it, but it is an option – and that option will be available through Strano Performance Parts.

For the Club Spec MX-5, a radiator overflow tank allowance is being given, enabling the replacement of the plastic tank that could fail under extreme conditions. In addition, we’ve been made aware (thank you letter writers) that the oil cooler allowance for the NC doesn’t make a lot of sense without a radiator allowance to go with it, as the preferred oil cooler option is built into the preferred radiator option. Of course, we want everyone to keep their cool, so look for an update in the CSX rules to allow for this upgrade.

Want to know more? SCCA’s Senior Director for Rally/Solo and Experiential Programs Heyward Wagner was recently on Brian Bielanski’s “Inside the SCCA” podcast discussing these exact topics. Scroll down to listen or watch.

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