’24 Majors & Super Tour Numbers Reservations

With the coming season’s Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour already announced and next year’s U.S. Majors Tour event schedule soon to be locked in, it’s time to secure your car number for the 2024 U.S. Majors Tour. And with barely two months between now and the beginning of the 2024 Summit Racing Equipment SCCA Road Racing season, you need to act fast.

The U.S. Majors Tour is divided into six Conferences: Southeast, Southern, Western, Northeast, Mid-States, and Northern. Those competing in one Conference and choosing to secure a car number have the option to reserve a single or two-digit number for that Conference. Racers eyeing competition in multiple Conferences, meanwhile, can reserve a three-digit car number beginning with the number “1,” reserving their car number in all six Conferences.

The solitary numeral “1” can only be used by the current SCCA National Champion in each class.

It’s important to note that reserving a car number for one or more Conferences in the U.S. Majors Tour (which includes the Hoosier SCCA Super Tour) is not mandatory, but it does allow racers to rest easy knowing their car number should stay the same throughout the season.

For more details, along with a list of classes that are likely to race together during U.S. Majors Tour and Hoosier Super Tour weekends, click the link below.

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Numbers With Benefits

Number registration for a single U.S. Majors Tour Conference is $50, with a second Conference adding another $50 – car numbers that are available include 0 through 99, with “1” only available to defending National Champions. Reserving your car number in all six Conferences costs $150 and requires that the number be three digits, beginning with a “1” (so 100 through 199).

Those reserving a car number will receive a $25 coupon for use at SCCAGear.com for each $50 Conference reservation. Drivers opting for the three-digit, all-Conference number reservation will receive a $50 SCCAgear.com coupon.

Members making number reservations will also be mailed series decals, plus drivers will receive a special SCCA U.S. Majors Tour and Hoosier Super Tour branded hard card.

The Fine Print

Reserving your car number in one, two, or all U.S. Majors Tour Conferences is not an unqualified guarantee that you will be able to use your car number at each event during the season. Number reservations must be made at least 14 days prior to event registration. Also, dual-Conference events with duplicate number requests will give the reserved number to the driver who registered for the event first.

Drivers with a 2023 U.S. Majors Tour series registration will have until Nov. 15 at 9 a.m. CST to reserve their Conference number for 2024. At that time, unreserved numbers will be released into the general pool.

Photo by Tim Turner/Hallett Foto Shop