In the News: Montana Region Autocross

SCCA’s Montana Region gave Great Falls KRTV reporter Tommy Lynch his first taste of autocross – and he, like many others, is now hooked.

Lynch visited Montana ExpoPark in October for Montana Region’s final Regional autocross of the season, with Montana Region member Alex Vance showing the reporter around the site. Beyond the cars ripping through the course, one of the things that KRTV noticed was the wide range of participants and the openness to everyone – all they needed was the desire to have fun with cars.

“We all have the same interest out here,” Vance said on camera. “Great Falls is very big into this. Obviously, you can see we have a pretty big turnout today. This is one of the biggest in the state.”

And with any luck, the next autocross (or RallyCross) event that Montana Region hosts will have some new, novice members who want to see what the fuss is all about – assisted by the publicity this TV news spot supplied.

“This is called autocross, and then in the winter, we switch to dirt track, and that's called rally,” Vance explained. “Basically, the same concept of a course that changes every time we come out. The big difference is the cars that show up and one being on dirt and one being on asphalt.”

Find out more information about SCCA® events in the Great Falls area by heading to the Region’s website. To read the full story and watch the news segment that aired on KRTV, click here or watch below.