Club Spec – Big Interest, Next Step: more questions

Can you believe it’s been two months since we announced the concept of “Club Spec,” a concept that would enable members to buy one car and use it in every kind of SCCA® event? Soon thereafter, we landed on GRM Live with JG Pasterjak, explaining how Club Spec would enable drivers to compete in everything from SCCA Time Trials to Autocross and beyond. Along with that, we presented you with a survey to tell us whether you liked the concept at all – and if you did, which direction you thought Club Spec should travel. Well, you didn’t just answer the survey, you answered it in droves. In fact, with 5,100 people offering feedback (and 85 percent of those being interested in participating in multiple programs), we can’t recall a time when the membership response to a survey was so robust and enthusiastic. Based on your initial feedback – and with encouragement from the SCCA Board of Directors and all SCCA program boards – we’re asking for your help once more to ensure Club Spec gets shaped exactly right.

In the first survey, we chose not to lead the conversation when it came to make and model – we asked you to tell us the cars you’d like to see in this “do it all” category. The results came back with the Mazda Miata, Ford Mustang, Honda Civic Si, Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S, and Porsche Boxster/Cayman leading the charge. Now, let’s narrow it down.

It turns out, the Miata has been made since 1990, the Civic Si came to these shores in 1985, and (get this) the Mustang’s first model year was 1965! Who knew? So what we need to know from you is which modern chassis tickles your fancy: NC, ND1, ND2, S197, S550, ZN6, ZN8, 987.1, 987.2, 981, 718, or one of several “generation” Honda platforms.

My goodness, we’re nerds.

To get to the bottom of this, we’ve assembled another survey with these questions and more! Click the link and tell us not just which chassis you like most, but which car you would actually build and drive at SCCA events when Club Spec’s tires hit the ground.

Roll up your sleeves and jump in with us – it’s time to dig into the car-nerd nitty gritty, and your input is key to Club Spec’s success.

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