SCCA’s Ties With Sunoco Run Deeper Than You Think

If you look up Sunoco on SCCA®’s “Official Partners” page, you’ll discover that Sunoco has been the “Official Fuel of SCCA” since 2001. And while a 22-year history is nothing to balk at, it barely scrapes the surface of the true ties SCCA and Sunoco share.

According to Sunoco, the company got its start in the 1920s when a gas station was opened in Ardmore, PA. By the 1950s – the decade after SCCA’s creation – Sunoco began blending high octane 260 and 280 fuels, which quickly came to the attention of racers. From there, it was no leap for Sunoco to officially enter motorsports in 1966, sponsoring the likes of SCCA Hall of Famer Mark Donohue and Penske Racing Team’s Corvette Stingray. By the late 1960s, Donohue was one of the premier drivers in SCCA’s Trans Am series, piloting the now iconic Sunoco-sponsored “lightweight” Camaro, leading to his and Penske’s move to a Sunoco-adorned Javelin in the series, followed by Donohue’s Can-Am domination in the early 1970s in the equally recognizable Sunoco-liveried Porsche 917/30.

The SCCA-Sunoco connection has continued through the years, with Sunoco sponsoring Ron Fellows during Trans Am’s 30th season, and then becoming the official fuel of Trans Am in 2018.

Beyond Trans Am and Can-Am, Sunoco is also involved on the amateur road racing side of SCCA, most recently sponsoring the Tuesday of the SCCA National Championship Runoffs® week. Dubbed “Sunoco 260 Tuesday,” drivers in each class who lay down a qualifying time closest to XX.260 are awarded 15 gallons of Sunoco race fuel and a five-gallon Sunoco gas jug. In addition, Sunoco also sponsors that day’s worker lunch at the Runoffs.

Yes, Sunoco’s and SCCA’s official partnership may have begun “only” 22 years ago, but their ties date back to the earliest days of this Club. So the next time you’re at the gas pump at the racetrack, just think of how many incredibly notable SCCA racers have done exactly what you’re doing at that very moment.

Photo by Jim Chipps / SCCA Archives