SCCA, Hagerty, and the Sport You Love

There are but a handful of companies that are so attuned with amateur motorsports that their name has become synonymous with the sport. Hagerty is one of those companies, which is one of the reasons why the partnership between Hagerty and the Sports Car Club of America® has only gotten deeper since joining forces in 2019.

The SCCA-Hagerty partnership has led to savings SCCA members can easily benefit from. For example, Hagerty is the official insurance provider of Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack, which means that SCCA members can get 30-percent off any policy purchased through Hagerty to protect their car at a Track Night event, with no limit to the number of events you can enter. Quotes can be had in less than a minute using this link, and the policy arrives in minutes, and can even be purchased on your phone at the track.

SCCA members receive a 5-percent discount (not available in CA, TN, MA) on Hagerty off-track insurance programs to protect their investments, including collector cars, motorcycles, race cars, and boats. When it comes to race cars, Hagerty offers insurance to cover vehicles off the track, in storage, in the paddock, at a shop, and during transport to the track. To take advantage of that discount, login to your SCCA account via this link, then click the link under “Insurance.”

Hagerty’s programs aren’t limited to discounts. Hagerty’s support of the SCCA involves the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships, the SCCA National Championship Runoffs (Friday to Sunday are the Hagerty Race Days), and let’s not forget that Hagerty is key to the success of every Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour Powered by Hagerty weekend, with food and beverages made possible by Hagerty at the aptly named Hagerty Social Dinner Parties

Hagerty helps drive its Hagerty Drivers Club members to have #funwithcars via a $25 discount on select SCCA events, namely Track Night in America, Time Trials National Tour, and Starting Line schools, while also offering free content to the masses via its Hagerty Media site. Interested in picking up a unique or hard to find automobile? Check out Hagerty's Marketplace and Broad Arrow auction sites.

Looking at all that Hagerty offers enthusiasts, there’s no doubt how Hagerty’s name has become synonymous with the sport you love.

Photo by Philip Royle / Staff