Hagerty Motorsports and SCCA: A Continuing Partnership

Sports Car Club of America® partnerships are far from random. Case in point, the bond between Hagerty Motorsports and the SCCA is one of solidarity of core beliefs. Hagerty’s stated goal is to save driving and car culture for future generations– and without the automobile, the SCCA’s existence would be pointless. So it made sense in 2019 when Hagerty became the official insurance provider of the SCCA – and it makes even more sense that Hagerty and the SCCA continue to partner on everything from discounts to event and program sponsorships.

There’s more to the story, so tuck in and we’ll tell you all about it.

A Complementing Pair

From support of the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships to the championship-crowning days at the SCCA National Championship Runoffs known as Hagerty Race Days, Hagerty’s involvement with the Club runs deep.

Beyond these pinnacle events, Hagerty also sponsors the Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour Powered by Hagerty, helping make food and beverages available during the Hagerty Social Dinner Party.

Discounts Every Which Way

True partnerships run both ways, and with these discount programs, this is undeniably true. SCCA members receive a 5-percent discount (not available in CA, TN, MA) on Hagerty off-track insurance programs to protect their investments, including collector cars, motorcycles, race cars, and boats. When it comes to race cars, Hagerty offers insurance to cover vehicles off the track, in storage, in the paddock, at a shop, and during transport to the track.

Getting a quote through Hagerty is as easy as clicking here, logging in, and quoting to ensure the discount is applied.

Hagerty is also the official on-track insurance provider of Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack. SCCA members can get 30-percent off any policy purchased through Hagerty to protect their car at a Track Night event, with no limit to the number of events you can enter. Quotes can be had in about 30 seconds using this link, and the policy will arrive in minutes. It’s so easy that you can sign up on your phone during the event.

Beyond insurance, SCCA members receive a coupon with their SCCA membership renewal for $25 off Hagerty’s DriveShare program. DriveShare is an exciting program that connects likeminded enthusiasts, allowing those with a passion for the automobile to rent unique, restored, and otherwise special vehicles from each other.

Meanwhile, Hagerty Drivers Club members receive Discounts on SCCA activities and opportunities. For instance, Hagerty Drivers Club members receive a $25 discount on Track Night in America, Time Trials National Tour, and Starting Line programs offered by SCCA.

Saying Thanks

There’s more – way more. Like, for instance, free automotive content Hagerty Motorsports offers through Hagerty Media, and its brand new motorsport-focused media site, IMOLA. Plus, Hagerty’s and SCCA’s partnership keeps getting stronger with every given year, so the next time you’re at an event and a Hagerty representative is on site, stop by and thank them for supporting the Club – and the automobile.

Photo by Michael Berchak