Hagerty Motorsports: Projects That Look Simple, But Aren’t

Knee deep in parts in the garage, scratching your head as to how the project got so out of control – we’ve all been there. After all, it looked so simple on internet blogs. But lo and behold, that YouTube video didn’t illustrate every necessary step, and now you’re in a bit of a quandary.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, and it’s something Hagerty Motorsports’s Kyle Smith recently wrote about on Hagerty.com/media:

“As each of us progresses from rank novice, timidly swinging a ratchet with both hands, to a DIY superhero who can diagnose a non-running engine based entirely on an internet comment, we encounter projects that build skills and confidence. Some of those projects go exactly as planned. Others are surprisingly infuriating.

“The second kind of project hides complexity at every step. It demands special tools you didn’t know existed and techniques often learned only by doing.

“Haven’t run into these jobs? You’re lucky. Here’s a brief list of projects where, as they say, There Be Dragons. Consider yourself warned.”

Smith’s five projects to beware of? Building a roll cage, sizing custom wheels, reassembling a differential, making an engine actually leak-free, and headliners. If you’re like us, 100 percent of these will make you nod in agreement, making this one entertaining story you won’t want to miss.

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Photo courtesy Kyle Smith / Hagerty Motorsports