Getting There – KONI’s Got Your Trip Covered

KONI North America, one of SCCA’s longtime partners, is well known for its performance products for use on autocross courses and racetracks, but what about getting to the events? The fact is, many members tow to SCCA events, relying on their trucks and SUVs to do the heavy lifting while they’re on their way to a weekend of fun. While Club members are often obsessive when it comes to maintenance of their competition vehicles, sometimes that attention comes at the expense of the steed that gets them there in the first place – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Part of KONI’s lineup of dampers targets exactly this problem. KONI’s orange STR.T-Light Truck Series dampers are an affordable solution to replacing worn parts or upgrading what you have. The STR.T Light Truck Series non-adjustable dampers come with a lifetime warranty and are designed for years of trouble-free miles.

Built for half-, three-quarter-, and one-ton American pickups and SUVs, the STR.T Light Truck Series covers a slew of trucks and SUVs from the early 2000s to today, including Chevy Silverados and Suburbans, a variety of F-Series Fords from the F-150 to F-350 Super Duty 4WD, Rams from the 1500 to 3500, plus many more applications.

Take a peek: KONI’s Light Truck Series lineup can be found here.

KONI’s STR.T Light Truck Series dampers are another offering from a company that gets us. With SCCA members on staff, KONI has been a trusted partner of the SCCA for years. This passion shines through on KONI’s website where, among other things, the company offers road racing and autocross tuning advice.

Photo courtesy KONI North America