Voting to Begin for 2023 Board of Directors Positions

As an SCCA Member, you are both invited and encouraged to participate in the annual elections for the SCCA Board of Directors. SCCA BoD members, as outlined in the SCCA bylaws, “shall establish the policies of the Club and shall oversee and direct the implementation and execution of such policies and the administration of the affairs of the Club by the executive committee, such other committees as it determines to appoint and authorize, and the staff of the Club.” It’s an important position for the direction of the Club, and as such, the selection of the Board should be taken seriously. Members of the Board of Directors are elected to three-year terms, so only four (4) of the 13 Areas are up for election in 2022. 

This year's election process will once again include online voting via the Member Account Portal (MAP) at, and an email notification announcing such will be sent shortly to eligible voters. For those on a Family Membership, each family member will need to log in with their unique SCCA Member ID to cast their vote. A first-time login requires a valid email address on the member account, and family members may use the same email address. Those that experience any difficulty should contact the Member Services Department for assistance at

The SCCA National Office assumes members are “opted in” to electronic delivery of ballots unless they have specifically “opted out.” Those who opted out should receive physical ballots in the mail shortly so they may vote on Area Director candidates – if their Area Director is up for election this year. Ballots are mailed to addresses on record with the Sports Car Club of America. Completed ballots should NOT be returned to the SCCA office. Instead, votes will be tallied by Mize CPAs Inc. A postage paid return envelope is included with the ballot for your convenience.

Ballots must be received at Mize CPAs Inc. between Oct. 14 and Nov. 15 at 5 p.m. Central Time. The same deadlines apply to online voting.

Voting is only open in contested areas, so only members in Area 2 will be able to vote online or should expect to receive a ballot if they’ve opted out of electronic delivery.

If you feel you did not receive a ballot and should have, please contact SCCA Member Services at

Area Director Seats up for Election

Area 2: Encompasses part of the Northeast Division, including Northeast Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Steel Cities, Washington DC, Central Pennsylvania, Mahoning Valley, South Jersey, Susquehanna, Blue Mountain, Allegheny Highlands, and Misery Bay Regions.

Jack Burrows is concluding his final term as allowed by SCCA Bylaws. Nominees for the open position are:

  • Robert Lee Crawford, Jr.
  • Gene Kern

Area 6: Encompasses the Midwest Division and each Region contained within it.

Chris Albin is concluding his final term as allowed by SCCA Bylaws. The nominee for the open position is:

  • Mark Weber, unopposed.

Area 10: Encompasses part of the Northeast Division, including Central New York, Southern New York, Western New York, Finger Lakes, Mohawk-Hudson, and Glen Regions.

  • Incumbent Area 10 Director Charles M. Dobbs, Jr. is running unopposed

Area 12: Encompasses part of the Southeast Division, including Alabama, Atlanta, Buccaneer, Tennessee, North Carolina, Central Carolinas, Old Dominion, Eastern Tennessee, South Carolina, Middle Georgia, Tennessee Valley, Chattanooga, and Blue Ridge Regions.

  • Incumbent Area 12 Director Steven Strickland, Jr. is running unopposed

My name is Bob Crawford, candidate for the SCCA Board of Directors for Area 2.  I am a 14-year member of the SCCA and a life-long car enthusiast and motorhead.  When I first began attending SCCA Club Racing events back in the 1990s it was as a spectator and part-time crew member.  Eventually, I reached a place where I wanted to get off the sideline and into the game.  I started by participating in Autocross and HPDE (then known as PDX) events and eventually found my way back to where it began with Club Racing.  I attended competition (racing) school and started racing in the MARRS series.  I instructed in HPDE and in the Washington DC Region competition licensing (racing) school.  It was through the gratifying experience of giving back to the sport that I first ventured down the path of volunteer service to the club.  Along the way, I’ve served as Membership Chair for the Washington DC Region, Assistant Director of Road Racing and for the last four years as Director of Road Racing for the Washington DC Region.  In my professional life I am a project/program manager supporting information technology projects for the Federal Government.

If I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to serve as Area 2 Director, I understand the role of the BoD is two-fold.  The BoD has two primary responsibilities; to develop a strategic vision for the organization and to bring together the resources (money and people) necessary to set that strategic vision on a path to success.  In doing so the BoD should consider the needs of all programs, large and small.  The BoD should also be open to and seek input from all stakeholders across the entire club.  Every program, every region and every member are important and should be considered when making decisions and plans for the future of the SCCA.

I am running for area 2 director to continue to be of service to my fellow members and to represent the interests of area 2 on the SCCA BoD.  I want to represent your interests and ensure they are considered when developing strategic plans for the future of the club.  I want to ensure we are effectively planning for and considering not just near term but also longer-term motorsports opportunities and the desires of the membership.

Managing the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS) I work as part of a large, diverse group of stakeholders often with different ideas on how they would like the championship series to operate.  Working together, as a team, we evaluate options collaboratively until we arrive at a solution which represents the collective vision for the upcoming season.  As the lead of the program, it is my responsibility to facilitate the collaboration and provide an opportunity for the ideas to be considered.  The ability to foster teamwork is a strength I bring to the role of SCCA director.

The SCCA is a large and diverse organization spread across a very large geographic area.  The members of the SCCA BoD develop the vision on behalf of the membership and provide support for the teams working to bring the vision into reality.  I believe my demonstrated ability to work in diverse teams toward a mutually beneficial goal makes me an ideal candidate to represent area 2 on the SCCA BoD.

I respectfully request your vote.

Bob Crawford
Candidate for the SCCA BoD, Area 2

A platform inform the members what the candidate promises to do. So here goes.

As a past or current participant or event chief in the type of events put on by SCCA regions, I can relate to the problems and issues that affect regions and how they put on events.

The primary duties of a director are defined in the BOD Handbook. These duties include but are not limited to:

  • Making and implementing policy determinations regarding the business affairs of the SCCA, including products, services, prices, and compensation.
  • Selecting, supervising, compensating, and removing officers and executive personnel.
  • Appointing committees to assist the board in its duties.
  • Calling meetings of members

With the above duties in mind I plan to supervise the various boards and committees as they go about their business. I particularly want to avoid collateral damage caused by the actions of one board with respect to another board. It is my feeling that there should be a class/group for any car prepped to the safety standards of the entered event. Such grouping will not necessarily mean the car will be competitive in that type of event. However, the driver(s) will be able to have #funwithcars.

During the past year, after I decided to become a candidate for the Area 2 Director position, I have been paying more attention to how events are organized and conducted by the various regions. I have also listened to participants and organizers complaints and complements about the events. Many of the questions concern “why does SCCA require this …”. In most cases, I do not know the answer of why the rules exist, I only know what is written in the GCR, supplemental regulations, Solo Rulebook, RoadRally Rules, Time Trails Rules, and other SCCA Program Rules. Normally, these rules were developed over the years by the various event type boards and approved  by the SCCA BOD at the time.

While many of the existing processes and procedures for our legacy events are handled by the regions obtaining the sanction for the event, I have noticed that newer programs have developed simpler processes for handling participant registration.

I believe that many of the way we are doing things are based on what had to be done before the widespread availability of computers and smart phones. These paper based systems were needed at the time. SCCA should develop a paper reduction process model that could be used by any region.

In short, I promise to encourage the development of simpler processes and procedures, review the income and expenses of the national organization, help to develop more ways to have #funwithcars, and listen to your comments and complaints. Please do not try to talk to me about SCCA issues during a course walk, before my run or race, as I’m working on checking tire pressures or I have had a bad experience on the course! The best time will be at the after event party or as I’m drinking my morning coffee.

In the spirit of the sport and having #funwithcars,
Gene Kern
Candidate for Area 2 Director
724 678 0990 (leave message if I don’t have your name in my contact book)


Hi! I'm Mark Weber and I'm running for Area 6 Director

My name is Mark Weber and I'm from Saint Louis. I've been a member of the Saint Louis Region, SCCA since October 1970. Although I've autocrossed, rally crossed, road rallied, partied and raced with the SCCA, the last two endeavors have been my life for about the last 50 years.

I retired in 2020 after a 50-year career of motorsports photograhy. I was the SCCA Pro Racing official photographer for about 25 years. In January I was inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame. I don't wear SCCA underwear but I've got the socks!

My goal as area director is to keep the SCCA at the top of the heap of car clubs. To do this, we need to keep our car activities fun and make sure our members are happy and getting their dues worth.

Most SCCA programs are doing quite well. We must continue that.

As a racer, there are many options these days. The SCCA must not dismiss other clubs but
work with them for the enjoyment of all. Being a veteran of the Runoffs, I would like to see them continue to be the most important club race in North America.

You may question my driving ability but please don't question my dedication to the SCCA.

Yours for the sport,

Current Area 10 director Charles M. Dobbs, Jr. will retain his seat on the SCCA Board of Directors as the uncontested incumbent in the 2023 Board of Director Elections. 

Current Area 12 director Steven Strickland will retain his seat on the SCCA Board of Directors as the uncontested incumbent in the 2023 Board of Director Elections. 

Members of the Board of Directors in the midst of their terms include: 

  • Area 1 - Peter Schneider
  • Area 3 - Lyn Hodges Watts
  • Area 4 - Dayle Frame
  • Area 5 - Peter Jankovskis
  • Area 7 - KJ Christopher
  • Area 8 - Clay Turner
  • Area 9 - Charlie Davis
  • Area 11 - Dale Shoemaker
  • Area 13 - Jeff Zurschmeide