2022 Women’s History Month Showcase – Round 1

Join us this March as we introduce you to trailblazers, work horses, and speed demons who have left their marks on SCCA or are watchable role models for kids right now.

Follow along as we honor the women at your track, behind the wheel and behind the scenes, and appreciate and thank them for their impact and passion in all areas of the SCCA.

Daily posts will be made on the SCCA Women on Track Facebook Page, and here’s a sneak peak of the upcoming posts!


Cheryl Babbe

Arctic Alaska Region
Road Rally|
33-year member 

“It’s my parents’ fault!”  Cheryl Babbe may have started her rally career in the backseat of their first rally car in 1974, but has now moved to the front seat. She also credits Ramona “Noni” Bordwell, a local Rallymaster as her first mentor, and the only female Rallymaster amongst a half-dozen males at the time. Crossing her path taught a young teen she could do it, and also led to Cheryl founding the SCCA Arctic Alaska Region in 1989 to have a home for her motorsport.  Cheryl has served on the Board for over 25 years, as well as on the SCCA Hall of Fame committee, RoadRally Board and Regional Development Committees. Cheryl has chaired Solo Weekends, importing national champions from across the US for 21 years, supported co-sanctioned Club Racing events at PIR with the Oregon Region and held SCCA Fire & Rescue Schools (for non-SCCA local clubs). As Stewards of Rally, Gail Engblom and Cheryl started RallyCross in Alaska. She led as Rallymaster of the 2017 United States Road Rally Challenge in Alaska, which also raised funds to digitize the SCCA Historic Rally Archives. She has been the main producer of "Road Rally eNews" since 2013, servicing the North American Rally community. She is the recipient of the Robert V Ridges Memorial Award in 2010.

“SCCA has provided me a home for Road Rally in Alaska for many years and second family all across the United States. SCCA has brought motorsport adventures, opportunities to serve fellow members with common values, pure joy of serving on SCCA Hall of Fame Committees, and many life lessons!”


Lyn St James

Arizona Region
49-year member

An inductee of the SCCA Hall of Fame 2017 class, Lyn started her racing career in Showroom Stock and was the 1976 and 1977 Florida regional champion. She raced in 53 SCCA Trans Am events, finishing in the top-five seven times. She has competed all over the world, including 24 Hour races at LeMans and Nürburgring, had victories in the IMSA series at Watkins Glen, Road America, Daytona, and Sebring and is the only woman to win an IMSA GT race driving solo. Named one of the "Top 100 Female Athletes of the 20th Century" by Sports Illustrated, Lyn has set 21 national and international speed records. As a seven-time competitor in the Indianapolis 500, St. James earned Rookie of the Year honors in 1992 and competed in 15 IndyCar races. As recipient of the prestigious “Spirit of Ford” award, the "Guiding Woman in Sports Award", the "Office Depot Visionary Sportswoman of the Year" and named on Automotive News list of the Top 100 Women in the Automotive Industry, she is an ideal speaker on women’s issues, gender and diversity. She serves on the board of ACCUS (Automobile Competition Committee of the United States) and on their Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and represents North America on the FIA Women in Motorsports Commission. Lyn is passionate about mentoring young people in racing as well as women in automotive fields.

“SCCA is how I started my racing life, first as a spectator/fan, then as a SCCA member, then went to driver's school and became a race car driver. I was active in the Florida Region, formerly Race Director, and learned about the importance of volunteering. Racing has become my forever home and family. Thank you SCCA!”


Linda Duncan

Central Florida Region
Solo Competitor
39-year member

Linda Duncan is the Executive Co-founder and Chairperson of SCCA Women On Track. She has held various leadership positions in the club, from chief of specialty to RE of Kansas Region. “I am primarily a Solo Competitor but have dabbled in Club Racing, RallyCross, Track Night in America and Rally over my 39 years as an SCCA member. Hopefully in the next year or so I will be able to compete in Time Trials. I have presented at National Convention as the Tire Rack Street Survival Coordinator for 3 years. As a retired teacher it brings me great joy to organize TRSS events to support kids as they learn to be safer on the road. I love introducing folks to the SCCA and especially showing women that there is a place for us to have #funwithcars.”

“SCCA means a lot to me. The best retirement ever!!! And, thanks to (husband) Howard, I was given a voice to share my enthusiasm for all SCCA programs.”


Velma Boreen

Indianapolis Region
Solo, Club Volunteer, Rallyist
45-year member

Velma Boreen is the co-founder and Chairperson of SCCA Women On Track.  Her leadership and dedication to her sport makes her a stand-out and exemplary member to follow.  “My involvement with SCCA began in 1970 working road races in Timing and Scoring.  A move to Ohio in 1980 exposed us to Solo with Northwestern Ohio Region.   Our final move was to Indianapolis in 2000, where we continue to Solo and are very active with the Indianapolis Region.  I currently serve as the treasurer for Great Lakes Division.”

“SCCA and the many moves that we have made for work have given us the opportunity to meet so many great people from all over the country.  We see many of these people far more often during the year than we do our biological families.  They see us in our good times and our not so good times and still are there to support us.  SCCA is definitely a family to us.  And it’s good to know that no matter where we travel, we probably know someone wherever we go.”      


Cherie Storms

Northwest Region
Road Racer
10-year member

Cherie has been a Road Racer in the BSpec class since 2012, competing both in Canada and the USA with the SCCA Majors Tour, and lots experience in many other types of cars and series. Along with many on track achievements she also volunteers for many women on track initiatives, including our very own SCCA Women In Motorsport Committee, enjoys encouraging confidence and courage in women, and most recently was involved with filming a documentary soon to launch in 2022 focusing on women in motorsports.

"SCCA is where amateurs begin their journey, where professional racers come from," Storms said. "This is where America's best amateur drivers race."


Carrie Goetz

Western New York
16-year member

Autocrosser Carrie Goetz has been seen driving as fast as she can in a 2009 Mini Cooper S, 2004 Subaru STI, 1993 Civic hatchback, or 1989 Mustang notchback. Most recently, she made her first appearance co-driving Chris Kunkel’s D-Mod Del Long YC-3 car, tackling the 2021 SCCA Tire Rack Solo Nationals held in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she had an impressive second-place finish. Shifting her gears, Carrie loves to leave positive marks on all who encounter her, especially when instructing novice drivers. She enjoys driving their cars to give them an idea of what their car can do and takes them for rides in her own vehicle. Watching the novices get better and better at each event has ignited her to expand her role within her region. She does everything from course setup, to timing, to even driving the timing van. What makes her extraordinary is that she helps guide Western New York Region’s Solo Program and has a say in the decisions with a female perspective as their Assistant Regional Executive and membership contact. She is paving the way for upcoming drivers by being a visible role model, and we appreciate all she is doing for motorsports. Accelerating forward, Carrie plans to continue her club involvement and help it grow. Higher on her list of goals is to one day win a Solo National Championship. With her lifelong love of cars and the support of her autocross family, we wish her much success!

“SCCA means a great deal to me. The automotive world has been near and dear to me since I was 15, probably even earlier. After finding Autocross, I realized that our group is like one family of like-minded people who enjoy cars and going fast. I enjoy the camaraderie with all my fellow racers. I enjoy watching the novices get all excited when they get better and better each event, knowing that our group has helped them get there. I love the excitement of racing and getting better myself. I believe it has really helped in my everyday driving skills, especially living in the snow belt of Buffalo. I have met so many new people that have become some really great friendships. I enjoy being a part of a group that consistently helps people to do better in the sport. I look forward to every season and this year will be no exception.”


Jojo Corrales

New England Region
Autocross, RallyCross
10-year member

Jojo Corrales-Kean got her first taste of Autocross in 2010, after buying a MINI Cooper S, despite her brother PJ’s suggestion to buy an S2000. “I’m not going to buy a car just for Autocross,” she said. After doing just a handful of events, Jojo jumped into a full season of Autocross in 2012. Ten years later, she is on her second car trailer, second tow vehicle, and has competed in a countless number of cars in Autocross and Rallycross. She is fortunate to have access to her brother’s competitive cars, including the ESP Infiniti G35 and the SM Nissan 240SX (fondly known as “Panda”). Anyone who has competed in SM knows about the trials and tribulations that haunt competitors, but for Jojo, it was the “easy” strategy. In 2014, she brought her 4-month-old baby to Nationals to watch her hop in the driver seat of Panda, the same car that her husband Todd also happened to be competing in. In response to her brother’s suggestion to drive Panda, she commented: “I’m more street momma-fied than street modified”—and #streetmommafied was born. In 2017, you may have seen her at Nationals toting a 2-month-old baby on her back. People often ask Jojo how “she can do it all.” In addition to racing, she parents two kids and works a demanding job as a Senior VP at a medical communications agency. She acknowledges that she relies heavily on her “village,” which includes the “G-fab” crew, as well as the New England Region (NER). “It’s impossible to give 100% of your energy to multiple things at the same time,” she shared. ”It was a struggle to autocross when I needed to devote most of my energy to my kids. But I’m seeing myself grow as an autocrosser as the kids (now ages 4 and 7) get to be more independent.” Jojo was recently recognized by her region with a Gold Pass Award for being an amazing cheerleader and organizer for the club. For many years, she has been a leading presence on social media platforms, welcoming new members, and positively reinforcing member input. Every year, Jojo leads the planning for the region’s trip to Nationals. This planning includes designing and creating NER t-shirts to unify members at the event and organizing the region paddock to encourage camaraderie. She has been known to consistently bring a solidly themed team to the region’s annual Team Challenge Event, showing her spirit for the club. Her friendly personality contributes to her popularity as a Novice coach.

Jojo is grateful to be part of the SCCA autocross community and also enjoys having something she can legitimately blame on her brother (who also introduced her to her husband). “My family is literally a result of autocross, and I got into autocross because of my family. Now my autocross family is my family.”