KONI Outfits Your Entire Fleet

Surely by now, we all know the performance benefits of KONI Shocks on our race, track, autocross and even street car. But none of that matters if we don’t have a good way to get our competition car to the site.

Luckily for all of us, KONI’s new STR.T LT Series performance shocks for pick-up trucks – you know, those tow vehicles that pull most of our trailers – can help with that. And, in true KONI style, they make them for all US domestic applications – half-ton, three-quarter-ton and one-ton Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge and Ram trucks.

If you read the marketing materials, it says that the STR.T LT Series shocks are “developed specifically to deal with the challenges of modern Light Trucks in loaded and unloaded conditions.” But what does that mean?

In short, it means that you’re going to get a better ride and body motion control no matter if you’re commuting to work, pulling a trailer or heading home from the lumber yard with a fully loaded bed. Newer technologies and materials offer greater efficiency and increased payloads, and STR.T LT Series shocks were built with the understanding that a modern truck must be both a civilized daily driver and a beast of burden – the days of a purely utilitarian vehicle are long gone. You will notice improved performance with or without the trailer – not an easy feat to accomplish!

“Today’s trucks are asked to do everything well from carrying the family, to hauling a big load, or logging long mileage towing a heavy trailer,” Lee Grimes, KONI Automotive Product Manager, said. “KONI focused on improved control for trailering and loads while also refining the ride quality for the family and day-to-day life to make an all-around better package.

“As the performance and strength of modern trucks increase, so do the range of activities they are asked to do well. KONI STR.T LT Series tackles the factory shock compromises to both improve the ride and body motion and safely control heavy loads and trailer tongue weight.” 

As a part of ITT Motion Technologies, KONI develops, manufactures and markets high performance shock absorbers for many types of private and commercial vehicles including street and racing cars, trucks, buses, RVs and military vehicles as well as railway rolling stock. ITT Motion Technologies is the world leader in the development and production of brake pads and friction materials for the transport and automobile industry. For additional information and to find the appropriate shock absorber for your truck, street or competition car, please visit: www.koni-na.com.


Photo by Tradd Slayton