Family, Racing & Wrapping at the Runoffs

Racetracks can be the perfect place to spend time with friends and family, but some families turn enjoying the races with loved ones into an art—literally.

Richard Baldwin and his wife Jennifer grew up going to the SCCA Runoffs with their families. It's no surprise that after years of racing together, they’re now bringing their kids out to continue the tradition. Their girls have a great time at the track, but with so many Spec Racer Fords jockeying for position, it was hard for them to find their dad to cheer him on.

So, the family came up with an idea to make his car impossible to miss.

They worked with the kids to design a vivid, brightly colored wrap that can be spotted from miles away. At last year's Runoffs, Richard's SRF, car number 25, debuted on grid with a wrap that our corner workers could only refer to as "crazy multi." The kids had no problem finding and cheering for their dad.

Photo by Jennifer Baldwin

After the SRF made such a splash last year, Jennifer’s brother, Derek Kulach, had to get in on the fun. For 2020, he worked with a wrap designer to create an eye-catching wrap for his T3 Nissan 350Z—and a matching livery for the 350Z that Richard is also driving.

Now with a fleet of three brightly wrapped cars in the family, there's only one hold-out. Derek and Jennifer's dad, Rick Kulach, is happy in his Nissan T3 370Z painted a stately, but eye-catching, yellow. Of course, his kids and grandkids aim to get a wrap on his car before Runoffs 2021 if he'll let them, although he says that it might have to be a bit more mellow than Richard's and Derek's.  

The Runoffs proves to be a perfect place to get everyone together each year. With family in Louisiana, New Mexico, and Tennessee, it can be hard to get everyone in one spot. For eight years in a row, the family has used the Runoffs as the setting for their annual, informal family reunion. The grandkids look forward to it every year and have been known to shed a tear or two when it's time to head home.

Thanks to strategically arranged motorhomes, they've got their paddock set up as the perfect place to wrench on cars, hang out as a family, cook meals together, and even celebrate Derek's birthday. The swirling, multi-colored designs on the 350Zs serve as a festive backdrop for this a warm-hearted and joyful family gathering.

This weekend you can catch Richard (#25), and Derek (#05) duking it out in T3 in their “crazy multi” Nissan 350Zs, and Richard (#25) in SRF. We promise you can't miss 'em. You’ll find Rick in his T3 Nissan 370Z. If you see him in the paddock, let him know can’t wait to see what wrap his grandkids come up with for him next year.


Article by Courtney Rivers, SCCA
Featured Image Credit: Jon Krolewicz, SCCA Staff