RallyMaster Starter Kit

One of the duties of the SCCA’s RoadRally Board, is to help promote Regional RoadRally development. They accomplish this in many ways, one of the methods is by providing mentors to assist Regions new to the program set up and execute their first RoadRally or Trek.  In addition to the five member RoadRally Board, each Division has a Divisional RoadRally Steward and there are two hundred RoadRally Safety Stewards around the country that can assist your Region.

If you a new or relatively inexperienced rallymaster, there are some documents out on scca.com's RoadRally Rules and Documents page that can help you.

If your rally is a TSD rally (time speed distance) then take a look at https://www.scca.com/downloads/45227-tsd-timeline-revised/download. If your rally is a GTA rally (game tour adventure) take a look at https://www.scca.com/downloads/45228-gta-timeline-revised/download. These timelines list various tasks that need to be done, and when they should be completed.

Also on the Rules and Documents page are handbooks for each type of event, The Regional RoadRally Handbook (TSD) and the GTA RoadRally Handbook, which contain more detailed information about their respective type of event.

Note that the handbooks also contain timelines, but those are replaced by the above timelines, the entire handbooks were not updated.

If you need more help or have more questions use the "Contact Us" link, also on the Rules and Documents page, The RoadRally Board is here to help you.

Good luck with your event!