Changes in Contingency

TOPEKA, Kan (April 3rd, 2019) -- To make sure everyone is up to speed on some of the contingency moves made recently, we have compiled a list for everyone.  We have a slight change with Honda, a move up in partnership with Nissan, and of course the new contingency form we have been testing.  Please check below to see how these changes may apply to you:

  • Honda Performance Development - If you are competing in a Honda, you will now need to make sure to register with Honda to be eligible for contingency.  To receive any payout, you MUST be registered with Honda prior to competing in the event.  Also, all HPD stickers will now come directly from Honda when you register, and won't be available at the events any longer. 
  • Nissan has upgraded their contingency from Bronze member to Silver, and added Solo Championship Tour, ProSolo, and Solo Nationals.  They will also pay out for all events that have taken place thus far, after you register and submit a claim with a picture.
  • We are continuing the trial run of the Online Contingency Form process. It has been met with much approval thus far, but we are still working on the details and want to make sure everyone has had an opportunity to read or hear about the new process.  With that in mind, we ask that people continue to use the new process to help us make sure it is up to par.  For those that haven't heard of the new process, we will still be using the old paper process in the mean time.    

You can find the Honda and Nissan Contingency info by clicking here.

For the new Online Contingency Form, please click here.