Lincoln's Bites and Brews

Everyone knows that the Tire Rack Solo Nationals is the place to be and be seen the week of Labor Day.  Even before selling out in an astonishing 100 hours, Tire Rack Solo Nationals has long been considered THE grassroot motorsport event to be part of.  And while there is an amazing selection of things to do on site, day and night, we know that many of the participants like to venture in to Lincoln, Nebraska to grab a bite to eat, share a beer or two while bench racing, or just get away with the family for a moment.  For those reasons, we have compiled a list to help you find those spots you may have missed, or didn’t know existed for your trip to the greatest show on concrete this year.

Food wise, most people have probably heard of Lazlo’s, Buzzard Billy’s and many of the other restaurants in the Haymarket area.  But we want to mention the possibly lesser-known locations that are definitely worth a try.  Want a nice dinner with friends?  Try The Green Gateau, an upscale, contemporary dining option that is “inspired by European country inns with paintings from Italy, England, France and Germany. The eatery has combined this atmosphere with French-influenced contemporary American cuisine to create a cozy, inviting feeling with delicious flavors." If you want to keep it grassroots, and need a good burger fix, you’re gonna want to try Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom!  The rotating burger selection is out to “defy the norm, and bring flavor back to the masses!” Regardless of burger choice, their truffle fries are a delicious mainstay that you’ll want to try. Maybe you’re in search of something a bit more exotic?  The Oven specializes in a variety of dishes from Northern India and Bhutan, which are “known for their rich colors and flavor profiles.”  In the Haymarket area itself, Leadbelly’s is a great choice for a nice night out with friends. Leadbelly’s is an American bar/pub restaurant “where friends, family and foodies can gather to celebrate, love, laugh, mourn, learn, cheer, and connect.” And with a wide selection of food choices, we can’t disagree with them!  All the listed locations have vegetarian, vegan*, and gluten-free options, as well.

Other notables are: Toast, Phat Jack’s BBQ, YiaYias Pizza and Beer, Misty’s Steak House, The Watering Hole (Great wings!), and the Parthenon Restaurant (Greek/Mediterranean fare)

For those seeking good locally crafted beers, there are a number of breweries in Lincoln worth mentioning.  We are sure those that love craft beer, and are frequent Nationals attendees, have already discovered Zipline Brewing.  But have you had the chance to sample the offerings from Boiler Brewing Company?  One of Nebraska’s best new breweries, Boiler specializes in “big, flavorful beers that are over center, leaving little to the imagination.”  From Hazy IPA to Imperial Stouts, they should have a beer to agree with any palate. White Elm Brewing Company is another solid choice, offering a “modern take on rustic ales.” This is the spot for modern American and classic Belgian ales that focus on organic ingredients for an “unfiltered, unpasteurized, and uncompromised” beer.  Blue Blood Brewing Co. is another “go to” spot for those looking for a good adult beverage. While Blue Blood’s beer can stand on its own, the fact that the brewery sits atop a 5000 sq.ft. cave, which was known as Robbers Cave, can do nothing but add to the allure.  Three times a week, they offer a tour of both the brewery floor and Robbers Cave, which just might make this a “must stop” during your stay.

Other notables include: Green Flash, Code, Backswing, and Empyrean.

*Honest Abe’s does not offer a vegan option, only vegetarian and gluten free options

Darrel A Padberg

There was a very good place called Burgerfi that had wonderful burgers and things supporting no antibiotics n nasty stuff. Check them out

Stephen L Eberlein

Great place for pizza & drinks in the historic Havelock neighborhood.


Linda Duncan

Let’s also remind folks that Meryl’s is a great bar and grill and Shoemakers for when you need some truck driver stick to your bones food.

Stephen L Eberlein

Shoemaker's has a pretty darn good fried pork tenderloin sandwich....