2018 SCCA Time Trials Nationals Registration Opens Today

The 2018 SCCA Championship season gets a kick-off this morning when registration for the 2018 SCCA Time Trials Nationals registration goes live at 10:00am Eastern time. Set to be held at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, KY September 28-30th, the event will be a 225+ person event that will pit drivers from around the country against the clock in the ultimate quest for speed. Drivers interested can click here to register for the event (this is also where most event information will be).

The event will have 5 segments, combining traditional lapping sessions in multiple track configurations with shorter, standing start elements which use various part of the track. The event will culminate with a final segment that uses most of NCM's 3.15 mile "Grand Course". Earlier this month, the Kentucky Region hosted the 3rd in a trio of "Time Trial Nationals Primers" which helped the Time Trials Board (TTB) gather information regarding the track's impressive facilities in addition to helping dozens of new drivers obtain their Time Trials Novice permit. You can view the full supplemental event regulations here.

For those who were not able to attend one of the Primer events and do not already hold any type of competition license, you will be able to obtain a novice permit and compete in the Championship by running the Friday practice sessions. Also, note that drivers must be full SCCA members (there is a link to join the club at the bottom of the registration form).