With the announcement of the SCCA Time Trials Nationals this September 28th, 29th, and 30th at the NCM Motorsports Park (https://www.scca.com/pages/tt-nationals), Many people have asked if they have to wait until September to try the new format, and thanks to efforts from SCCA Regions in the Southeast and Great Lakes Divisions, that answer is no. Registration is open for two TT Nationals Primer events, designed to introduce and test the format and give competitors the opportunity to experience the concept. These events show that in a short amount of time, a single region or a combination of regions can put together events that utilize both the new Time Trials event format as well as the Track Event format to help get drivers up to speed and licensed for on-track, timed (non-wheel-to-wheel) competition.

SCCA Spring Training Time Trials

South Bend Region SCCA / Detriot Region SCCA



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On April 22-23, 2018 at Gingerman Raceway, the Southbend Region and Detroit Region will be co-hosting the first which utilizes the new SCCA Time Trials Nationals event format and classing. The new classing system allows for drivers to register in one of 4 levels (Sport, Tuner, Max, and Unlimited) across 17 total classes – just like the Time Trials Nationals event in September.

Day one will be broken into two parts. The morning will consist of untimed sessions. similar to a track day or the SCCA Track Night in America program. Drivers will use this time to become familiar with the track and more familiar with their cars. If drivers are successful and make it through the morning sessions without issues, they will earn their Time Trials Novice permit and can continue the rest of the weekend. Those who already have a competition license will automatically qualify for participation.

The afternoon session of day one is where competition begins, starting with a TrackCross (familiar to anyone who competed in the SCCA Targa program in previous years). This is a timed session using only a portion of the track. Think one car at a time, autocross lights, standing start and a finish line about ¾ around the track. You will get several runs and best-run counts.  As with any great SCCA event, a pizza social will commence after the driving completes on Saturday evening.

Sunday morning will be comprised of a traditional 20 minute flag-to-flag lapping session where your best time during the session counts. After that, the event will conclude Sunday afternoon with a repeat of the TrackCross as the final timed portion of the event.


Memorial Day Monster SEDIV Time Trials and Time Trials Nationals Primer

North Carolina Region SCCA / South Carolina Region SCCA / Atlanta Region SCCA


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May 26th and 27th at Carolina Motorsports Park, three SCCA regions will be co-sponsoring a combination event that will allow both the SEDIV TT competitors and those looking to participate in the Time Trials Nationals to compete and earn appropriate time trial licensure. The event will follow a similar format to the GingerMan event but will allow both current SEDIV TT classing with Time Trials Nationals classing to build an event that brings existing and new drivers together.

Because of the slightly different rules sets, the TTN groups will run together and the SEDIV TT groups will run together, but in the same TrackCross – Flag-to-Flag – TrackCross format with champions being crowned Sunday afternoon.

The Carolina Motorsports Park event will lean heavily on the lessons learned from the GingerMan event in event operations and the details in things like the changeover from to flag-to-flag sessions to TrackCross.

When asked about the goal of these events, Jon Krolewicz, Time Trials Board member, said, “The Time Trials Nationals program isn’t just an exercise in how to class cars or create unique on-track driving formats, but how to run event operations when running multiple on-track formats. We’ll be pulling from our existing knowledgebase of racing and time trials leaders and mixing it with best practices of Solo grid work, timing, scoring into a sort of showcase of SCCA event operations.”