2018 United States RoadRally Challenge Registration Open

TOPEKA, Kan. (March 19, 2018) -- Online registration for the 24th United States RoadRally Challenge (USRRC), the SCCA’s premier RoadRally weekend, is open at Motorsportreg.com. This year’s USRRC is hosted by the St. Louis Region Oct. 4-7 with help from the Southern Illinois Region. The annual celebration of sports cars and classic sports-car rallying will test the teamwork, time-keeping and route-following skills of SCCA® RoadRally teams from across the country.

As organized by the St. Louis Region, the 2018 USRRC will include four rallies -- two divisionals and two nationals -- beginning with a short nighttime divisional tour Thursday evening, Oct. 4, followed by two daylong national rallies Friday, Oct. 5, and Saturday, Oct. 6. The weekend will conclude with a morning divisional GTA rally Sunday, Oct. 7, followed by an awards luncheon. This year’s USRRC will offer several special features, says event chairman Jim Heine.

“In addition to the regular RoadRally classes defined by the Road Rally Rules -- Equipped, Limited and Stock -- we will offer two additional classes, Historic and Rookie,” Heine said. “They’re designed especially for beginning or occasional rally teams, whether historic or modern, or for teams from other SCCA disciplines that might enjoy participating in the USRRC. Also, we’ve designed the weekend so that Historic and Rookie teams can run all four events, or if they choose, just the Saturday and Sunday events.”

Last year, the SCCA’s Arctic Alaska Region played host to the annual event, with Anchorage, Alaska, serving as the headquarters city. In 2016, the USRRC, under the guidance of the SCCA’s New England Region, showcased the rural roads and fall colors of Vermont. Other past USRRC locations have included Pittsburgh, Pa.; Santa Maria, Calif.; La Crosse, Wis.; Portland, Org.; and Fredericksburg, Virginia. But 2018 will be the fourth time the St. Louis Region has stepped up to host the USRRC.

“We are the first SCCA region to host the USRRC four times,” notes St. Louis Region executive Peter Zekert. “We last hosted it in 2005. We were selected again for 2018 because of our central location and because teams that run the SCCA’s national RoadRally series, of which the USRRC is a part, enjoy coming to St. Louis.”

Before 2005, the St. Louis Region, also with help from the Southern Illinois Region, hosted the USRRC in 1998 and 2001.

As with this year’s USRRC, the 2001 and 2005 St. Louis based “Challenge” events were run in southern Illinois, observes SCCA Southern Illinois Region executive and SCCA Board of Directors member Chris Albin. He is pleased that the October weekend will again highlight the rural landscape of the “Metro East.”

“There is a long history of cooperation between our regions, not only in rallying, but also in other activities, and this is just another example of how the Mississippi River doesn’t divide us,” Albin said.

“We are looking forward to hosting this event again, and we believe rally teams will find the weekend enjoyable,” Zekert added.

For more information about the 2018 USRRC, visit motorsportreg.com (http://msreg.com/usrrc2018) or the St. Louis Region’s website at stlscca.org.

Photo Credit: James Heine