2017 USRRC featured on CNET's 'Roadshow'

In September 2017, SCCA's annual United States RoadRally Challenge (USRRC) took place in Alaska, hosted by SCCA's Arctic Alaska Region. There, 27 teams spent three days traversing the Kenai Peninsula's unique paved and unpaved roads between Anchorage and Homer. Some teams consisted of seasoned RoadRally experts while other less experienced in the art of RoadRally spent the pre-event school scratching their heads, worrying about the three days of competition to come.

One of those lesser-experienced teams was made up of Drew Stearne and Evan Miller. Stearne and Miller completed the USRRC (their first RoadRally ever), had fun, and assembled a spectacularly entertaining video of their Alaskan adventure.

Stearne and Miller, producers for CNET's Roadshow, took on SCCA's USRRC with little knowledge of the inner workings of an SCCA RoadRally, and their 18-minute video (below) perfectly captures what many RoadRally teams new to the sport experience during their weekend adventures. From entertaining highs to frustrated lows, this team's emotional rollercoaster through the Alaskan wilderness is one every RoadRally enthusiast – or someone considering participating in one of SCCA's RoadRallies – should watch.


Story courtesy of Racer.com.

Cheryl Babbe

The Rally Clan enjoyed watching the CNET Road Show together in December. There was much laughter, shouting "go straight, go straight" at Salmon Creek Road as they were NOT lost yet on course, and many a "been there" and "done that" too! 

Yet, be sure to catch 16:20-18:15 on, which truly shares the lure of rallying for many of us!

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