2017 Indianapolis Runoffs OnDemand Videos Are Up!

Races from the largest SCCA® National Championship Runoffs® ever, with a broadcast presented by Mazda, are now available for everyone’s online viewing pleasure.

All 28 class Championships have been posted in one-hour-or-less segments. Watch all the drama unfold once again from Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the first time that venue has ever hosted the Runoffs.  Relive the exciting starts, the crucial moments, daring passes and dominant performances at the 2017 SCCA Runoffs OnDemand webpage.

Along with this year’s Runoffs, past national championship race videos dating back to 2009 are also archived at the webpage.  Great for rainy or snowy days, and the perfect escape while typing away at your work computer.

Share video links with friends and family anywhere in the world so everyone can experience the pinnacle of amateur road racing in the United States.


Photo Credit: Rupert Berrington