2017 Tire Rack Oscoda ProSolo: Tune-In

The 2017 Tire Rack Pro Solo schedule makes a final stop this weekend in northern Michigan at the Wurtsmith Air Force Base.  Soloists will be looking to earn valuable points before the Finale next month in Lincoln, Nebraska.  

L1 points leaders Shelly Monfort and Tamara Hunt will face off against local former multi-time national champion, Carol Kolk with eleven total drivers registered in L1.   Also with eleven drivers is Street Touring Sport.  Look for Todd Kunze in the 89 Civic Si to square off against David Whitener’s Mazda Miata for the win.  Eleven ND Miatas are registered in C-Street, but the favorite has to be Julian Garfield, but look for his dad Brian, David Alessandrini, or Trevor Jones for a potential upset. 

A Street is the largest class at the event with 18 pre-registered drivers.  Mark Daddio, Laurance Casey, and John Laughlin are expected to set the pace in the Corvettes.  Eric Peterson, and Adam Norton are expected to utilize the launch advantage of the Toyota MR2 in E street to compete for win, while Josh McDonough and Neil Britton will get a rematch of last weekend’s tight competition in Toledo that saw McDonough taking the win in G-Street.

Another driver with plenty of recent success is Mathew Braun in Super Street R, who will try to hold off Jason Burns, Jeff Hurst, and many others in a stacked 16 car field. William Koscielny will also be proving his win at last week’s Toledo tour was not a fluke, as he hopes to take the win from Eric Simmons, and Ian Stewart in the 15-car class of Street Touring R. 

D Street Prepared is going to be a class to watch with the likes of Eric Campbell, Sam Strano, Alex Schipokov, and John Vitamvas all competing for the win.  Look for Michael Losert and Dave Feighner to battle for traction, and victory in Classic American Muscle, while Larry MacLeod and Jeremiah McClintock battle for Kart Modified superiority in the all Detroit Region nine-kart class. 

Temperatures are expected to be in the low to mid seventies, reaching down into the mid fifties at night.  Plan accordingly if you expect to camp, but remember to stay off the grass.  For all Oscoda events, pack your rain gear and be prepared for anything. 


Photo by Andrew Wong