2017 Tire Rack New Jersey ProSolo: 5toGo

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Photo Credit: Jake Namer

After a year off, the SCCA ProSolo Series returns to the Meadowlands for the New Jersey ProSolo, scheduled for May 19-21. Here’s why you need to be there.

MetLife is the premier autocross site on the East Coast, period. With an Eric Simmons and Mark Labbancz designed course, it’ll make good use of the lot, that while sealed, still provides a lot of grip for an asphalt surface. It has effectively worn into the grip level that it was before sealant, and rubbers in well. It’ll be the first Pro for those of us on this side of the country that weren’t fortunate enough to make it to Ft. Myers, so lots of folks will be out with a mission.With some pretty big classes (AS with 20, including David Corsaro in a Camaro Z28, and Evan Schickel making an appearance in Labbancz's car on some BFGs, and STR with 28, where Shane Chinonn-Rhoden and Mark Dudek will see what they've got for Brian Karwan in his ND Miata) and lots of folks making car changes for 2017 (Tamra Hunt entering L1 in a new-build DSP RX8, Jeff Hurst into SSR in Josh Lipman's GT3, Rachel Baker making her way to open class in BS, along with Jon Caserta making a return to ProSolo in a Viper), there will be a LOT of awesome battles to watch.

While the event is technically located in New Jersey, it doesn’t smell nearly as bad as the rest of the state. Manhattan provides a pretty epic backdrop to the site, and is, unless you’re planning on doing some sort of Top Gear-style challenge driving your truck and trailer in, a pretty awesome place to spend the night.

With the loss of the Wilmington ProSolo, and the singular garbage can that came along with that event, this event will fill up fast, so be sure to get registered quickly at so you can join in on the fun!