2017 Tire Rack Crows Landing ProSolo: 5toGo

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The latest rains have really brightened the landscape around Crow’s Landing. Weather is looking to be mighty fine and let’s not forget that the Crow’s Landing surface is going to yield one of the grippiest concrete surface known on the west side of the States.

The Crows Pro and Tour this year are separated by a week this year with the Pro coming first. If you're staying for the week, be sure to hit up the hotspots located just a few hours drive of Crows Landing to really elevate your trip. Some of these include natural wonders such as Yosemite National Park, 17 Mile Drive in Monterey, Pier 39 in San Francisco, Emerald Bay near Lake Tahoe, or one of the many wineries in Napa Valley.

The communities and surrounding areas are classic “Northern California” and offer great sightseeing, food, and activities. If you’re needing a great “to-do” for kids and your spouse to gain the stamp of approval so you can go flog a perfectly good car through the punishment of a drag race launch, you might want to try enticing them with delectable Ghirardelli chocolate and creamy, delicious, arterial-blocking clam chowder in The City, extravagant wine-tasting, and awesome views of the Bay nearby.

Book your hotels soon, as they’re filling up in the surrounding areas, but your go-to should be the Best Western located at 2959 Speno Dr, Patterson, CA 95363, which incidentally is where a lot of the racers stay. There are also lower cost options near by, but the Best Western offers an on-site restaurant and bar which allows for a great get-together spot after each day of racing.

We’re expecting a full turn out this year and just about a hundred registered entrants even a month out, this will be a good one. Bring your allergy meds though and if you’re bringing your pop-up shelters, make sure you have sufficient weights to hold them down as Crow’s Landing can get superbly windy!