Indianapolis Runoffs Event and Paddock Information

Details regarding event and paddock information for the 2017 SCCA® Runoffs® at Indianapolis Motor Speedway are now available.    For specifics, please review the full Runoffs event information document at

  • Mark W Muddiman

    Not allowing tow vehicles in the paddock is a bad idea. I bring more stuff to the week-long runoffs than a race weekend, and use my truck to fetch tires, fuel, and other supplies during the week. I would wind up making multiple trips to the overflow parking each day, which would be more paddock traffic than if I parked inside and left the truck for the week. 

  • David Richard Bednarz

    Don't agree with the "no truck clause" and have never seen a Runoffs with this requirement.


    "Spaces under 75’ in length will need to disconnect the tow vehicle (including trucks, RVs, etc.) and park in designated lots and camping areas outside of the paddock. Entries will receive vehicle passes for lots outside of the paddock".


    This won't work for me and many others who camp in their trailer and store tools, fuel, tires, etc in their trailer.


    There must be a way to allow a single vehicle pass per entry that can stay in the paddock area.


  • Raymond G Rivard

    Are golf carts allowed in the paddock?  It says no tow vehicles but doesn't mention golf carts.  If so, is there a fee for the carts?

  • L. Lowell Huston

     Test days - The fee listed for Thurs. is that for Thurs. only or Thurs. - Sun. ?